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Why You Need to Add “A Site Redesign” to Your Resolutions List

January 11th, 2016


We’re well into 2016! We hope you’ve created a list of bright, shiny, goals that you WILL achieve this year. Here’s a resolution you won’t want to put off: revamping your website. The benefits of getting a fresh site design are too numerous to count! But if you need more convincing, we’ve listed a few of the benefits for you:

Build credibility with visitors

A site that harkens back to the stone age won’t win you any favours from site visitors. From a visitor’s perspective, if your website appears out of date, your products or services must be outdated as well. Freshen up your site: you’ll look rad and your visitors will trust you more!

Gain trust from search engines

Search engines such as Google Search are not too keen on stagnant websites. Update your site to keep your SEO strong. Adding a blog to your site (as well as contributing to it consistently) is a great way to keep your website dynamic.

Get others to care about you

You know what they say: (social) sharing is caring! Adding social media sharing buttons to your site will allow others to brag about you, which increases your credibility immeasurably.

Plus, updating your site with valuable, new content (see point #2) or an interesting new design gives visitors something they’ll want to sing about. Let others toot your horn- you deserve it!

Reduce bounce rate with enhanced UX

User eXperience is an important part of your web design. Have you looked over your current website to see how users will interact with it? Make your call to actions clear, convey information concisely, and ensure that visitors won’t get stuck in a dead end.

Increase exposure

A responsive or mobile version of your site is now a necessity, as mobile usage is now exceeding desktop usage. Make sure your site redesign includes a mobile version- it’s the “smart” thing to do!

One way you can easily redesign your site is with the new builder (included for free with all Doteasy hosting accounts!). Just drag and drop to create your new website, no sweat. Yes, you can make a mobile version. Yes, it has cutting edge design elements you can add right into your site. Yes, your new design will look amazing!

Try it out and let us know how it goes! To get started, login to your Member Zone. Here’s to a bright and shiny 2016!

Introducing the Drag and Drop Site Builder

August 11th, 2015


BIG news… we’ve partnered up with one of the leading website builders,, to bring you an intuitive, innovative, drag and drop website builder! Whether you’re looking for a fresh way to revamp your site, or if you need an amazing site in rapid time, you can now build a professional site in minutes.

The builder is included for FREE with all hosting plans. So go wild! Plus, you have the choice to switch between the site builder or Doteasy any time you want.

Just a few features:

So easy to use, your pug could master it

Just drag and drop images, text, and any web elements you want. What you see is what you get.

There’s no excuse not to be mobile-ready

Use the amazing Smart Layout to create a mobile version of your site in a few clicks.

Oh-so stunning in so little time 

Choose from hundreds of designer-made templates, and customize with thousands of gorgeous stock images. Got a business, blog, or bistro? There’s something for you.

Add web apps in a snap

Select Google Maps, eBay Store, Contact-Us forms, Facebook buttons, and more! Or use custom HTML widgets to add third party apps like Google AdSense.

Be a traffic and SEO champion

Need stats to monitor your performance, search-engine friendly URLs, and social media buttons to attract traffic? It’s all there.

Go ahead and try it out for yourself! Let us know your thoughts, we’d love to hear your suggestions. To learn more about the details of the Site Builder, please visit our service page.

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Drive Visitors Away

March 6th, 2015

Hooray, you’ve gotten visitors to enter your site! The next question is- how can you get them to stay? These five mistakes can have your visitors running for the hills.


1) Have Turtle-Slow Load Times

For modern internet users, patience is a rare virtue, so it’s best to accommodate those visitors who don’t like to wait. Reduce image sizes, use a caching plugin, and keep your site clean.

2) Use Excessive Advertising 

Pop ups, auto-playing videos, flashy ads in the margins- all of these can drive your visitors away, if not a little batty. It’s not a crime to include a few ads on your site, but going overboard will make your visitor go bye-bye.

3) Be Mobile UNFriendly

Modern user behaviour includes a lot of mobile browsing, so make sure your website is up to the challenge. If your site is not mobile-optimised, you’re neglecting a large chunk of potential visitors.

4) Neglect Site Design

No matter how amazing your site content is, visitors won’t stick around to read it if your design is lacking. Your web design communicates your brand and impacts your credibility.

5) Have Confusing Navigation

People hate having to ask for directions, and this is no exception for your website. Users should know where to go and be able to find what they’re looking for. Use obvious section names, keep your navigation consistent, and remind visitors where they are in your site. Linking your site logo to the home page is a nice way to let visitors travel back to where they started.

Do you agree with our list? Let us know!

Design Trend Spotlight: Card-Based Web Design

February 12th, 2015

What are cards?

Card-based web design is a design pattern which places information in smaller chunks presented in a rectangular or (you guessed it) card-like shape. They typically include a picture, a caption, and interactive icons or sharing buttons. The result of card-based design is a site with nuggets of self-contained content that can be easily shared and interacted with, even on mobile devices.


Why Cards?

  • Cards offer digestible bits information
  • They demand users to interact with them
  • As mentioned before, users can easily share specific content
  • A card-based design can work well with mobile devices


Take a look:




Doteasy WordPress Resources Website




This is a design idea that has been around for quite awhile, but is quickly picking up steam. Check it out and see if this is a direction your site should be headed.

Most Annoying Website Features

April 11th, 2014

So your shiny new website is up and running – that’s great! What to do next? Check to make sure you’re not scaring off visitors by committing these oft-reported faux-pas of the online world.


Pop Ups

You’re happily scrolling through a website article, when BAM, a message pops up to tell you to subscribe to a newsletter, donate to a cause, or -wait for it- read an advertisement. How do you react? While pop-ups can sometimes be necessary, generally they will interrupt your visitor’s viewing experience and make for a cranky viewer.

Page breaks galore

Does each blog point really need its own page? While you might temporarily increase sponsor revenues by breaking your “6 Tips for Better Skin” article into 6 different pages, (or 7 if you include an intro), this can be a big turn off to readers who want to quickly scan through it. If having a multi-page article is unavoidable, consider offering a “Read on one page” option for your impatient visitors.

Autoplay music 

While you might expect that country pop hit to immensely enhance the viewing experience of your website, your visitors might disagree. Those at work or on the bus might especially find it displeasing if they weren’t expecting it. Bonus irritation points awarded if the on/off controls are hidden somewhere on a messy home page. Users won’t be happy when they’re scrambling to find the source of the auditory interruption.

Keep in mind that many web users are multi-taskers who like to look at multiple websites at a time and listen to the music of their choice. Keep visitors happy by letting them browse through your content at their own pace.

All Style, No Substance

Have you stumbled upon a landing page that looked like it belonged directly on your living room wall? It looks beautiful, there are fun effect s- but lo and behold, you can’t seem to actually figure out what the site is for! A website that is logical to use and easy to navigate can impress a user much more than a gimmick-filled homepage.

Do you agree with our list? Have more to add? We’d love to know your thoughts.