It can be overwhelming to decide on the best way to get a website online for your business. There are so many options available, from hiring a web designer to making it yourself. If you’ve decided you’d like to make your website on your own, the choice of website-making platform can boil down to two options: a website builder or WordPress. While you may want to know the “better” way to make a website, the answer depends on your own website goals.

A Website Builder is for you if…

Time is of the essence: when you have limited time and want to get your website up and online as fast as possible, using a website builder is the absolute quickest way to build and publish your entire website.

You don’t want to spend time on security updates: a website builder will take care of security updates for you, whereas you would need to continually update your WordPress themes and plugins to prevent any security vulnerabilities. 

You’re looking for an all-in-one platform: a website builder requires no installations. You can easily browse through the website builder to add copyright free stock photos, add social media or the features you want, or even make a fully featured online store. 

WordPress is the right choice if…

You want a blog: when you need to be continually making website updates and adding articles and new content to your website, WordPress is the better choice. 

You want more flexibility: WordPress is an Open Source content management system, which means that developers around the world can continue to contribute theme designs and plugins to extend functionality.

You need more features: while site builders have a wide range of features, from contact forms, to abandoned cart checkout, etc., WordPress is almost unlimited with the amount of features your can add, thanks to plugins.

All Doteasy hosting plans come with the Doteasy website builder, powered by All hosting plans also support WordPress, and Doteasy even offers WordPress hosting plans to ensure that you have the optimal requirements to run your WordPress website. Read on to find out which website building method is for you.

Exploring the Website Builder

Doteasy Website Builder


Doteasy hosting plans come with a site builder powered by With the website builder, you can start with a layout and quickly customize dummy content with your own text, insert your own images, and add your website name and logo.

There is almost no learning curve to using the website builder, as you can see updates as you make them. The tools are designed to be used with no previous coding or design knowledge needed.

In terms of maintenance and security: all of the themes and features are proprietary to, which means that they are all designed and developed in-house by One of the benefits is that you do not need to worry about performing any security updates, as will take care of them for you. 

Features of site builder include: 

-copyright-free stock image library


-contact forms

-Google Maps

-social media links

-fully-featured online store (including checkout, inventory tracking, abandoned cart recovery, coupon codes, curbside pickup, shipping/ taxes, currency, etc.)

-video and audio

-mobile-optimized website design

Considering WordPress


WordPress is an Open Source platform which allows for a lot of customization and features through the use of themes, plugins, and code tweaking (if necessary). All Doteasy web hosting plans support WordPress, and Doteasy’s WordPress Hosting plans are the easiest way to ensure you have the requirements needed to run your WordPress website. 

After installing WordPress, you can explore free and paid themes that you can download and install. Doteasy has a WordPress resources site where you can find free plugins and themes. In the WordPress dashboard, you can explore the customizations that you can make, and you can explore plugins to add more features.

WordPress plugins can add functionality like:

-web forms

-newsletter sign up 

-custom fonts

-calendars and booking

-Search Engine Optimization

-social media integration


While WordPress requires more of a learning curve than a website builder, certain plugins or themes include visual builders, and WordPress’ Gutenberg editor includes some more visual site building elements. However, there will be a bit of trial and error between making customizations on the WordPress editor and seeing how they will truly appear on your website. Basic knowledge of code can be required if you want to make more advanced customizations. You will also need to perform updates on a frequent basis for your WordPress theme, plugins, and the platform itself. 


While one platform is not better than the other, the right way to make your website comes down to what you need from your website, and your future website goals.

If you’re looking for a fast and simple way to make a professional looking website, a website builder cannot be beat. 

If you’re looking to make a website with more complexity or will be publishing content on a routine basis, then WordPress’ roots as a blogging platform, along with its Open Source nature makes it the better platform for you.

One of the unique aspects of Doteasy hosting plans is that you can experiment with both the website builder and WordPress – at the same time! For example, if you’ve already built a website with WordPress, you can try making a website with the site builder while keeping your WordPress website live and online. If you’re happier with your site builder version, you can easily make the switch so that it will go online.

WordPress or Website Builder Options