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Nowadays, building a stunning online project is a regular thing. It is easy to run a perspective and responsive website for your personal or business needs. To say more, editing its design is easy as well! During last decades, we got used to the fact that only a rich or a famous person can hire a professional designer to launch a site. However, the things have changed. Actually, they continue changing even today! Being an online user, you should know that these days anyone has a chance to become a glad website owner. No coding required. Website customization became a trouble-free process thanks to a magical drag-and-drop functionality. It allows one to change the site according to their style without having any experience. For these simple reasons, drag-and-drop page builders stay in trends for years. There are lots of supporting tools you can find online. As the name says, this post will show you the main pros and cons of Elementor – a brand-new WordPress Page Builder. Are you ready for a small review?

What is Elementor?


Fresh Elementor Review


To start with, Elementor is not the first drag-and-drop page builder WordPress provides its users with. Still, now everyone wants to get it. Seeing this hype, we can’t help getting a 360 vision of the product. As always, let’s begin with the benefits.


Honestly speaking, any provider of a ready-made tool, plugin, feature or element engages for their comfort. Visiting a digital marketplace, you can see that all the modern companies throw such promises at their prospects. Alas, buying a tool, you can face a sad truth: their parole of honor appeared to be just mare words. Basically, that is why today’s web audience needs a real review. So, when it comes to Elementor, you do get the desired comfort. It’s very simple and easy-to-use. Moreover, this page builder is creator-friendly and that is what makes it so popular. To make a long story short, Elementor provides a user with:

  • a stylish and unique interface you can use to create a new online page, a fresh post or an attractive post type;
  • compatibility with any WordPress theme;
  • a hi-res front-end functionality that provides a user with a real-time editing;
  • endless possibilities to construct new inimitable layouts (both content or page) for the website;
  • a rich library of built-in voguish web design components, and more.


Another visible benefit of working with Elementor is a handy admin interface. As it was mentioned, the builder does not want you to know how to code. What is more, it doesn’t require PHP or HTML experience. There is a truly intuitive editor panel to design your pages. With it, a user quickly understands how everything works even if they have never run a landing page. To sum everything up, Elementor lets its owner get esthetic, attention-grabbing layouts and asks nothing in return.


Here is the most wonderful part of the story. As you may know, WordPress is more than just a commercial platform. It refines every season and provides the audience with free updates on regular basis. Among these freebies, you can find Elementor. Yep, it is totally free, so you can save your budget on website building. In addition, we should mention that the builder can be found inside each and every recent business WordPress theme. As expected, it also has a pre-packed library with all the fashionable elements of today’s web design.

Pro Editor


Fresh Elementor Review


As all the worthy products do, Elementor has a premium analog – Elementor Pro. It is not a must-have tool. Still, Elementor Pro contains more inimitable features.

What Is Inside Elementor?


Fresh Elementor Review


In a word, this new page builder is an out-of-the-box plugin. Thus, downloading Elementor, you will see a new button inside the default editing screen. It enables the page builder. Once you are through it, you will get a bunch of cool functions. Among them, we can see:

  • a famous drag-and-drop functionality;
  • an impressing list of the ready-made pre-sets;
  • different page templates (over 35 items) you can import and customize at ease;
  • a built-in library you can use to save your favorite layouts; it allows you to use them immediately instead of designing a page from scratch;
  • a standard online page template, named Elementor Canvas.

Without a doubt, some of these points need a closer investigation. Let’s do it!


What is drag-and-drop and why everyone needs it? First things first, drag-and-drop functionality is a well-liked technique of website/ layout/ page designing. Actually, the name explains everything distinctly. Using the technique, you can create a professionally styled page without a hitch. Dragging the needed elements and dropping them to the editor – here is all you need to do. As a result, creating, tweaking, and adjusting new pages is as easy as pie. With the help of Elementor, users of all skill levels can enrich their projects freely.

Ready-made Components

Talking about the elements you get with Elementor, there will be multiple content blocks. You get both basic and creative widgets to present your content. Thanks to drag-and-drop, a user can literally move these elements the way they want. Place widgets on the pages, customize them, and rearrange at the drop of a hat! It is possible to do with any content type.

What Can You See among the Widgets Elementor Contains?

There will be:

  • images, banners, logos;
  • video and audio elements;
  • galleries/ grids/ rolls for a gallery;
  • various spacers and dividers;
  • texts, fonts, and headlines;
  • tones of icons;
  • shortcodes;
  • lots of components for social media;
  • counters of any complicity;
  • testimonials;
  • many eye-pleasing carousels, and more.

Furthermore, these elements were just to name a few! By the way, if you already have a working WordPress-based website, don’t hesitate to try Elementor. Although it contains so many components, you will still be able to keep the old widgets for the design of your site.

To summarize, Elementor provides its user with a total website control. Therefore, this magnificent WordPress page builder lets you:

  • get access to display settings and change any detail including colors, margins and padding values, backgrounds, typography, etc.;
  • see the full revision history that allows reverting back to the old version of the page in case something went wrong;
  • check the way your site looks on different screens and devices.

Those people, who have already spent lots of time looking through inventories of WordPress themes, know one thing. There is a tremendous number of templates that are only waiting to be installed. Sometimes you look at them and cannot even understand which one you should choose.

If you are ready to get lots of extra benefits, start taking a glance at these amazing themes right now…

Incredible Elementor WordPress Themes to Get a Popular Blog


Name Price Category
Imperion $75 Business & Services
Cashmeree $75 Fashion & Beauty
Photto $75 Design & Photography
Fancy Me $75 Fashion & Beauty
Alice Burton $75 Society & People
Visuelle $75 Design & Photography
Richard Gore $75 Society & People
Journez $75 Sports, Outdoors & Travel
Adverocking $75 Society & People
4News $75 Business & Services
Exibitico $75 Business & Services
CMP $75 Design & Photography
Dezingo $75 Design & Photography
De Couture $75 Fashion & Beauty
Visuelle $75 Design & Photography



Business Marketing WordPress Theme

Details |Demo

Imperion is an exceptional template that is entirely capable of managing different types of online-stores. Due to its highly-intuitive interface, flexibility, and lots of customization opportunities, it will be possible to move on and make lots of sales. Try these marvelous options to unleash the potential of your online-store:

  • a large set of skins designed for multiple business matters;
  • an excellent WooCommerce package;
  • Cherry Search, PopUps, Projects, Testimonials, and other plugins;
  • engaging bonus images are already included in the package;
  • a functionally-rich WordPress Live Customizer to get a website ready in no time.



Fashion WordPress Template

Details | Demo

A fashionable theme that allows sharing your nice-looking photos and amazing experience in modeling profession. It offers a great spectrum of features that will showcase your field of interest in the best possible light.

  • elegant ready-made pages to show off your news, portfolio, and other aspects;
  • a bunch of fully-fledged plugins;
  • lots and lots of eye-catching Google Fonts;
  • a feature-rich Elementor Builder to get a website that looks nothing like others;
  • a vast number of social options to boost your business.



Photto - Photographer Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

Details |Demo

Photto is a wonderful template that will adapt to the project needs of your online-project within seconds. Its well-organized and clean look is intended to make the most out of your photographer blog. Make use of numerous options to make sure that people will agape with wonder.

  • seven blog variations;
  • 10 single post layouts to share different photographer tips and ideas;
  • a large number of bonus images;
  • a stunning WordPress Live Customizer to refresh your website with colors and fonts;
  • a fully-functional commenting system to read thoughts on your photos.

Fancy Me


Fancy Me - Fashion Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

An inspirational theme that will allow you not to hold yourself back. Thanks to multiple options, it will be possible not to limit your creativity. Find out more about features that will breathe a new life into your website.

  • a great Elementor Builder that comes pre-loaded with various customization capabilities;
  • a contact and search form to make people believe in your professionalism implicitly;
  • different background options;
  • various social options;
  • a splendid TM Gallery to make an exhibition out of your images.



AliceBurton - Personal Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

An excellent variant for those who are looking for an attractively-looking and feminine blog theme. If you want to dedicate some of your free time to writing lifestyle articles, we would recommend you to set your eyes on this template.

  • a newsletter subscription form to gladden your readers with updates;
  • a world of Google Fonts and background options;
  • multiple social options to spread the word about your blog;
  • a great WordPress Live Customizer to turn a customization process into a speedy matter;
  • good-looking topical images to make your website look stylish.



Visuelle - Creative Mondrianism Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Visuelle is a modern theme that makes it possible to break all possible boundaries and get the most impressive online-project ever. Together with various dynamic customization options and other features, you will get the opportunity to implement lots of ideas into life.

  • different web forms to make people put their project in your hands;
  • marvelous background options to distinguish your website from others;
  • a stunning Parallax effect to get a trendy website;
  • an eye-catching background video;
  • an array of social options to promote your services.

Richard Gore


Richard Gore - Writer Portfolio Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

A top-notch designed for writers who want to create a thrilling and remarkable website. It includes an astounding number of options that will make people fall in love with your website.

  • a great number of plugins and bonus images;
  • an incredible Elementor Builder to make sure that your online-project will be unique;
  • modern Google Fonts to get the most sophisticated website ever;
  • lots of stylish pre-made pages to revive the interest in writing and reading;
  • a wide variety of additional plugins.



Richard Gore - Writer Portfolio Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Journez, one of travelling WordPress themes, oriented to bring your travel blog up to the top of popularity. It has a broad spectrum of options included to make your design stand out from the crowd. Thanks to them, it will be possible to manage your website in a matter of hours (or even minutes).

  • a tremendous WordPress Live Customizer to play around with colors and fonts;
  • superb bonus images;
  • a multiplicity of elegant Google Fonts to take everyone’s breath away;
  • extra widgets to enrich your blog;
  • hamburger panels, authorization links, and social options.



Richard Gore - Writer Portfolio Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Present loads of information regarding traveling, lifestyle, photography, and other creative topics together with this eye-catching theme. Lots of powerful features will empower you to boost your popularity within seconds.

  • an unforgettable Parallax effect;
  • an excellent background video to give your website a tailor-made appearance;
  • essential social options to increase the popularity of your online-project;
  • a widely-used WordPress Live Customizer;
  • lots of web forms (including contact, user registration, search, and others).



4News - News & Magazine Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

If you want to display various news from all over the world on one single website, you need to pay your attention to this ready-made solution. In order to captivate your visitors immediately, make use of the following options:

  • a great contact form to allow people to communicate with your team;
  • a unique commenting system to let people discuss the latest news;
  • various social options that will make it possible to share the most exciting news;
  • a bunch of amazing Google Fonts;
  • a wonderful Elementor Builder to provide you with the most flexible customization options.



Elegacy - Creative Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Elegacy is an exquisite theme that comes packed with a plethora of marvelous tools. Thanks to them, all your generated ideas will be showcased in the best possible light.

  • eye-catching pre-made pages to present your team, services, and projects;
  • a wide range of Cherry Plugins (Team Members, Services List, Search, and others);
  • four blog layouts, seven stunning headers, and three wondrous footers;
  • remarkable topical pictures;
  • a fully-fledged WordPress Live Customizer.



Exibitico - Art Gallery Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Welcome people to a huge world of magical art, excellent collections, and impressive masterpieces. Your website will have the most gorgeous look ever thanks to a great collection of features.

  • four blog variations to capture the attention of every visitor;
  • a fully-functional mega-menu to guide visitors through different categories;
  • beautiful footer layouts;
  • a large number of trendy Google Fonts;
  • powerful Cherry Plugins to spice your online-project up with additional options.



CPM- Creative Photographer Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Do you want to impress visitors with your tremendous collection of your online-projects? Its mind-blowing design mixed with some brilliant features will become a true discovery for your guests.

  • a powerful WordPress Live Customizer to organize your process of customization;
  • tailor-made blog layouts to get a charming look;
  • multiple attractive variants of header and footer;
  • well-working Cherry Plugins (that include Projects, Team Members, and others);
  • an impressive collection of additional images.



Dezingo - Creative Startup WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

If you came up with an innovative start-up, you need to make sure that it will get its popularity in the nearest future. In order to get a perspective website, pay your attention to this miraculous template. Furthermore, do not forget about its not less miraculous functions.

  • a marvelous Elementor Builder to provide your with a drag-and-drop functionality;
  • a handy personal blog feature to share some engaging details;
  • a memorable Parallax effect to win the heart of every visitor;
  • lots of impressive Cherry Plugins;
  • an easy-to-use commenting system.

De Couture

De Couture - Fancy Fashion & Beauty Blog WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

It is completely possible to inspire other people with your website and lifestyle. Together with this extraordinary template, you will be ready to tell the whole world about your interests.

  • a wide variety of functionally-rich web forms;
  • various social options to make sure that everyone will find out about your website;
  • more than 800 remarkable Google Fonts;
  • an eye-catching Instagram Feed to make a gallery of excellent photos;
  • a user-friendly WordPress Live Customizer to work with fonts and colors.

A Few Words in Conclusion

What about you? Have you already decided which ready-made solution you want to choose? If you know what products you are going to choose, we have exciting news for you. Together with a coupon Doteasy10, you will be able to get some great discounts on TemplateMonster Marketplace. Do not lose your time and make your choice right now.

We are completely sure that thousands (or even millions of people) will consider your website to be a huge attention-grabber. Get the victory together with your website and thanks for reading!