We’re excited to announce that Doteasy is pledging to take our green efforts even further! Since our beginning in 2000, Doteasy has been a green web host by powering our clients’ websites with renewable power and adhering to strict environmental policies. We’ve adopted more green practices and have now added a much-requested feature: eco-friendly website badges! 

All active Doteasy web hosting members can now get a green badge to add anywhere on your website. An eco-friendly badge instantly lets visitors know that you’re making a difference for the planet with your eco-responsible web hosting choice. 


What are the benefits of displaying an eco-friendly badge?


Adding an eco-friendly website badge to your website indicates to website visitors that you are making a difference for the environment. 

Earn trust from eco-conscious visitors:

83% of consumers consider the environment with their purchasing habits, and having an eco-friendly badge can help you earn their trust and support. Green business practices can help you stand out from the competition, and can cause visitors to view your business favourably. 

Raise awareness about green practices:

Having an eco-friendly website badge can raise awareness about the need for sustainable practices, and visitors can learn more about ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Your eco-friendly choice can inspire website visitors to consider adopting other eco-conscious practices.

Align with your company’s values:

If your company offers sustainable products or follows other planet-positive practices, it makes sense to host your website with a sustainable web host. An eco-friendly badge certifies that your website is being powered in the most environmentally way possible with Doteasy.


How to get your Doteasy eco-friendly badge:


Doteasy members can access their eco-friendly website badges in the Member Zone. Just choose a badge design, copy the code snippet, and add it to the desired area on your website.

How to add an Eco-Friendly badge to your website:

WordPress Footer or Sidebar:

  1. Copy the code snippet for the badge you like.
  2. Log into your WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Widgets.
  3. Drag Custom HTML into a Footer Area or Sidebar..
  4. Paste code snippet into Custom HTML widget.

WordPress Page or Post: 

  1. Copy the code snippet for the badge you like.
  2. Log into your WordPress dashboard, and choose a page or post.
  3. Click the 3 dot menu and choose to use Code Editor.
  4. Paste code snippet into desired area.

Website.com Website Builder: 

  1. Copy the code snippet for the badge you like.
  2. Log into your Website.com site builder, and add a Custom HTML Code element to your desired area: + Add Elements > More > Custom HTML Code. 
  3. Click Edit HTML Code and simply paste the code snippet.

If you need help, feel free to contact our team! View our green web hosting page to find out more about Doteasy’s green certification and our newest green practices.