Is your website mobi-friendly? (Part 2)

Posted on Sep 1, 2010

Here are more free tools and services to mobilize your website:

3. Mobilize by Mippin (for WordPress)

Once you have installed and activated the Mipping Mobilize plugin, visitors accessing your WordPress blog from a mobile phone will be automatically redirected to a mobile version of your WordPress blog. Photos are scaled to fit the dimensions of a phone screen and videos are converted to the 3GP format, commonly used on most 3G, 2G and even 4G phones.

4. Mippin (for RSS-driven site)

If you want to mobilize an RSS-driven site, you should check out Mippin. Although it falls short on the level of customization as MoFuse and other paid-tools, it is quick to use and the result looks great – your site will be optimized to work on various mobile devices and the service is completely free.

5. Zinadoo

With Zinadoo, you can easily create, publish and share your mobile website. In addition, you can create a guestbook, comments page, and much more.