Curbside pickup solves many of the challenges that are facing the retail landscape today. It is becoming one of the most essential ways to serve your customers while staying safe.

It’s very simple to add a contactless curbside pickup option to your online store built with the Doteasy Site Builder. Here’s how!

1. In the Doteasy site builder, click on the Store icon on the left. Next, click Store Settings.

2. You can set up your payment method options in the Payments tab. Select payment systems like PayPal, or allow customers to pay in store.

To give customers the option to pay offline, click + Add a Custom Payment Method.

3. Click on the Custom Payment Method dropdown, and select the Pay In-Store option. By adding this feature, customers can order through your site and use contactless tap to pay with credit card upon pickup. In the text box, don’t forget to leave directions for customers on how and when to pay for their orders, for example: “We accept major credit cards, like Mastercard, Visa, etc. upon pickup.” Click Save.

4. Under Shipping and Tax, you can set up your in-store or curbside pickup option. Click the + Add New Rule button to start this process.

Launch the dropdown menu by clicking on the empty box. Pick the country you want to apply this Shipping and Tax rule for. To make your region more specific, click on the country you’ve chosen and pick the state(s) or province(s).

To disable shipping so that you can only allow pickup for this region, feel free to turn off the shipping option toggle.

You can turn off the shipping option toggle to disable shipping. If this toggle is disabled, you can only allow pickup for this region.

You can add more store locations for in-store or curbside pickup by clicking + Add In-Store Pickup.

Click Save to finish.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully added pay in-store and curbside pickup options to your online store!

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