Many of us own more than one domain. You may have registered a few domains with Doteasy. Perhaps, your web designer recommended a different registrar and you purchased a couple more domains with another registrar as part of their cannot-miss promotional special. As a result, your domain names are scattered across a number of different registrars.

If the above situation sounds all too familiar, then you would most certainly agree that it is a headache keeping track of which domain is registered where, and when they expire. Not to mention, each domain account will have its own username and password.

Fortunately, our Master Account feature is here to help you take care of all your domains.

Here’s what a Master Account can do for you

Use just one login to manage all of your domains

A Master Account helps you consolidate the management of all your domains under one login.  This means you can see all your domains, which services they’re subscribed to, and their expiry dates all on one page.  This saves you the headache of keeping track of numerous login usernames and passwords.

Bulk edit domain information in one go

You can save lots of time by updating the contact or payment information for any number of domains all at once.

Keep your domain information up-to-date by synchronizing them with your Master Account Profile

Your Master Account gives you the option to setup a Master Account contact and payment profile which you can use to store your most commonly used contact and payment information.  You can link any number of domains to your Master Account Profile so that when you update your profile information, the changes will automatically synchronize to those domains.  This lets you keep your information up-to-date with minimal effort.

Say, you have a new email address. Instead of logging into individual accounts to update this information, you can just login to your Master Account and update the email address on your Master Account Profile. Any domains that are linked to your Master Account profile will automatically be updated with the new email address.

You can sign up for new domains without having to re-key all of your information every single time

By having a Master Account Profile, you can speed up your new account sign-up process by simply logging into your Master Account.  During the checkout process, you are asked if you want to sign into your Master Account.  Doing so will prefill your application form with the information from your Master Account Profile so you don’t need to enter the information manually.

This feature applies as well when you sign up for a new domain or transfer domain from within your Master Account dashboard – your Master Account Profile will automatically be used. In fact, signing up for a new domain through your Master Account login has an added bonus – your new domain will already be linked to your Master Account system.

You can delegate management of each domain to different people

The most powerful feature of the Master Account is that each domain on your Master Account can have its own separate login as well.  This is perfect if you’re a webmaster or just managing domains for other people because you can let them access specific domains on your Master Account while keeping others out of their sight.

Creating a Doteasy Master Account

You can easily create a Doteasy Master Account from your domain account’s Member Zone.

1.  Login to your Doteasy Member Zone


2.  Once you’re logged into your Member Zone, click on the Master Account tab on the top.


3.  Click Create a New Master Account

step-34.  Fill out the Master Account creation form as per instructions on the form. When ready, check the I agree to the Terms of Service box and click Create.

5.  Once your Master Account has been created, you can use the Add Domain+  function to link your existing Doteasy domain accounts to your new Master Account. You can also register new domain names or transfer an existing domain to Doteasy.


Learn more about creating a Master Account.

The most useful tools on your Master Account dashboard

Once you have successfully setup your Doteasy Master Account, you will be able to access the system dashboard straight from your Doteasy Member Zone.


Here are the most commonly used functions:

Manage One Domain

When you click on Manage One Domain, you will see a list of domain names that are linked to your Master Account. If you click on a domain name on the list, you will be taken to that account’s control panel where you can manage its specific services.

Add Domains+

This is where you would add more domains to your Master Account. If you have existing domains with Doteasy, you can link them to your Master Account. You can also register new domain names or transfer an existing domain to Doteasy.

Bulk Edit

You will find the Bulk Edit function in a few different places on your dashboard. You can use the Bulk Edit feature to apply changes across all domain accounts linked to your Master Account. This feature comes in handy if you need to update the contact or billing information of multiple accounts.

For more information on using the Bulk Edit feature, check out our YouTube video: Billing Info Section for Master Account

View Profile

You will find the View Profile link at the top of the page. This is where you can fill in or edit the information on your Master Account Profile.