Every business needs a website. A real estate agent can publish the active properties listing online. A photographer can share his pictures to create a portfolio. A dental office can showcase their dental services and provide patients with detailed dental education. A scrapbooker can sell his hand-made pieces online.

But most of all, a business needs a website because its consumers are on the internet looking for services to serve their needs!

We know that not all businesses have the resources, including time and money, to invest on creating a website. That’s why we offer Softaculous, an app-store model that lets you browse through different web applications to install and help you build your website. Softaculous offers more than 250 web applications listed in 25 categories.

There must be at least one application that will suit your business needs!

The installation does not require any coding and scripting knowledge. All you need is to click the “install” button and fill out the credentials info. Your website will be LIVE instantly! But if you don’t like the application after the installation, simply hit the “remove” button and you’re done!

We’re here to help your business grow through your online presence. Therefore, to help you find the best web application you need, we’ve created a Script Library. We’ll explain to you what each web application is for, the installation steps, and the customization . Please stay tuned for more details. You may also subscribe to our YouTube video channels and “like” us on Facebook to receive more updates on our products and services. Or, simply contact us through our Live Chat support, telephone support, and Customer Support Ticket system. Our Customer Service and Technical Support agents will be happy to assist you.