Summertime is all about family barbeques, pool parties and road-trips, and nothing captures all the special moments better than the good old home video. But how do you add these videos onto your website to share with family and friends?

The Free and Easy Way

There are many ways to add videos to your Doteasy website or blog. The easiest and more affordable way is to use a free video hosting service, such as YouTube.

Some other video hosting service providers include:

Advantages of using a free video hosting service:

  • they take care of all video conversions for you
  • your video is hosted on their server (you don’t have to worry about bandwidth usage)


  • you don’t have control over logos, ads and other videos they place on your video

How to Proceed?

Let’s use YouTube as an example.

1. Signup for an account on YouTube.

2. Upload your video. YouTube will convert your video into web-friendly.

3. Once your video is converted and added onto YouTube, you will be given two codes: URL andEmbed.

  • To create a link from your website or blog to your video on YouTube, simply copy and paste the URL code to your webpage.
  • If you want to embed the video on your website or blog, then copy and paste the Embedcode onto your webpage.


The Do-It-Yourself Way

The Free and Easy way might not be the best solution for you if:

  • you do not want to promote another company on your website
  • your video doesn’t fit the guidelines or limits of the free services
  • you just don’t want to look like an amateur

If this is the case, you may want to look into using a Flash video player on your website to play your videos. With these options, you will be hosting your videos on your web hosting account, so we recommend upgrading to the Doteasy Unlimited Hosting plan – it offers unmetered monthly bandwidth usage!

Some of the Flash video players you can check out:

a) Free

b) Commercial (purchase required):