Hosting renewal reminders are sent mid-month, but not everyone will receive one:

a) Your hosting service is not due for a renewal. You can check on your hosting service expiry date under “Account Profile” in your Member Zone.

b) You are on our $0 Hosting plan. Your $0 Hosting service is already covered by your domain renewal, or the one-time US$35 Transfer Hosting Fee. Because no extra payment is required, your $0 Hosting service will be auto-extended and a renewal reminder will not be sent.

c) The email address on your account profile is outdated. We send the renewal reminders to the Admin contact and webmail admin account ( You can update your contact email address in your Member Zone, under “Member”.

Important things on your renewal reminder:

1. Renewal Prices

If your hosting features are on different billing cycles, the renewal system will take the shortest billing cycle and apply it to all your hosting features.

For example:

Unlimited Hosting – US$119.40/12 Month(s)
Doteasy Spam and Email Virus Protection – US$41.70/6 Month(s)

The Unlimited Hosting service term will be adjusted and you will only be billed for 6 months of the service, not the quoted 12 months. You will see the actual processed amount on the renewal invoice, which will be accessible under “Billing” in Member Zone on renewal day.

Why do we adjust the billing cycles? Easier renewal management. This way, you won’t need to remember separate renewal schedules for each of your hosting features.

2. Renewal Links

On the renewal reminder is a Yes-Renewal and a No-Renewal link. When you click on the links, your request is stored at our automated renewal system and will not be processed until your current service term has ended.

So, no need to panic if you have click on the wrong renewal link. You have until the reply deadline to correct it by clicking on the desired renewal link. The automated renewal system will processed the last-requested renewal action stored.

3. Downgrade and Republish

If you submit a No-Renewal request, we will remove your pay-hosting features upon service expiry, and re-setup your account on the $0 Hosting plan – account downgrade. Your account will be migrated from your current server to one of our $0 Hosting servers, and upon completion, you will need to republish your web files. You may also need to restructure your website as the $0 Hosting plan does not offer scripting and database capabilities.

The removal of these features will require republishing:

  • FrontPage Extensions
  • CGI/Perl/SSI
  • Ultra Hosting
  • Ultra Hosting (Windows)
  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Unlimited Hosting (Windows)

Email services will also be affected – the $0 Hosting plan has different email account and storage quotas. You can refer to our plan comparison chart for more information on the plan differences.

4. Default Auto-Renewal

We will auto-renew your hosting services if you did not clicked on any links. This is to prevent disruption to your web services, in case you were on a vacation and missed the reply deadline.

Why not just cancel the service and let you re-order it later?

If we simply canceled your services, your account will be downgraded to the $0 Hosting plan. Upon server migration to the $0 Hosting server, all your web files on the old server will be wiped to recycle server space.

We do not want you to come back from a fabulous vacation only to see your website and email down. An auto-renewal will allow your website and email to continue proper functionality. If you weren’t planning on renewing, we can always assist you with a cancellation afterwards.

For more information, you can check out our Knowledge Base.