Design Trend Spotlight: Card-Based Web Design

February 12th, 2015 by Doteasy Hosting Blogger Leave a reply »

What are cards?

Card-based web design is a design pattern which places information in smaller chunks presented in a rectangular or (you guessed it) card-like shape. They typically include a picture, a caption, and interactive icons or sharing buttons. The result of card-based design is a site with nuggets of self-contained content that can be easily shared and interacted with, even on mobile devices.


Why Cards?

  • Cards offer digestible bits information
  • They demand users to interact with them
  • As mentioned before, users can easily share specific content
  • A card-based design can work well with mobile devices


Take a look:




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This is a design idea that has been around for quite awhile, but is quickly picking up steam. Check it out and see if this is a direction your site should be headed.