Web Design 101: The Website Menu Bar

Posted on May 27, 2013

A website menu bar helps visitors navigate the website. It often contains the page link to “About Us”, Contact Us”, “Our Projects”, “Our Products”, “Our Services”, etc. Normally, a website menu bar is horizontally located at the top of the website, but there are websites with vertical menu bars placed on the left of the websites as well.

The website menu bar can really affect the look of your site because it is probably the first thing a visitor sees on your website other than your logo. In general, having a website menu bar with only one row straight across looks the most professional. A single row menu bar also makes it easier for your visitors to navigate your website. If you have many items to show on a single row menu bar and the bar turns out to display in two rows, you may consider using “Subpage”. See the image below.


Our Domain Transfer Page is an example of a subpage. Not only providing a more professional outlook with single row menu bar, a subpage can also enable you better group several pages with similar content together. For example, if you own a website that sells your home-made cupcakes, you can create a “Product Page” and various different flavours of your cupcakes as subpages.

Check out this website for some inspirations when designing your website menu bar. Also, make sure you read our last blog post which shares many tips on colours. These tips can help you choose which colours scheme best fit the overall tone and mood of your website.