Your Blog Is Ready, Now What?

Posted on Sep 10, 2007

So, you’ve finished customizing your blog, you’re happy with it and you’re ready to begin your first blog entry.

You click on the “Add Entry” link and then you realize in horror, you have absolutely nothing to write about. You’ve hit the backspace button a few times already, still you’ve got no more than “Hello, this is my first post” in the text box.

You try to come up with funny childhood memories, heartfelt confession about some big social (or fashion) no-no you’ve committed, the news-breaking gossip you overheard in the washroom at work, or your take on the documentary they just aired on the Discovery Channel. You’ve paced back and forth, brainstorming for a great post. But after the entire bag of Cheetos and two bottles of Buds, you’re still…clueless.

Maybe you should check out these ideas I found on the article 111 instant blog post ideas.

#20. Do some new product announcement/reviews

#32. Do a “Link of the Week” (or “Link of the Day”) by sharing a favorite link to a webpage/blog.

#39. Talk about current news events.

#62. Reflect on your time as a blogger and share lessons you’ve learned.

#63. Publish a picture or image and describe what it means to you and relate it to your blog topic.

#75. Share some recent photos you’ve taken.

#78. Share your Christmas or birthday wishlist with the world.

#105. Write a “how to” guide to something

#63 and 75 are my favorites, because a photo is worth a thousand words, and that photo you posted just saved you from all that typing. =)

Happy blogging!