cPanel is the leading control panel interface in the web hosting industry for its user-friendly interface and customizability. With cPanel control panel, our hosting users can manage their files and email accounts easily in just a few clicks..

In June 2019, cPanel has announced a change in its pricing structure. The new pricing model is now entirely based on the number of registered cPanel accounts. In the past, we have factored out the cost of cPanel usage for our Cloud Hosting clients in order to provide you an affordable cloud hosting solution with advanced features and resources. However, due to the recent drastic change in cPanel’s pricing model, we have found that it is difficult to maintain a high level of service while subsidizing the licensing fee at the same time. Even though we have to transfer the cPanel Licensing fee to you starting from September 1, 2019, please note we will be passing on all the discounts we receive as a cPanel Partner to you as one of our valued Cloud Hosting clients. We are doing our best to keep costs as low as possible for our valued clients, and this is the first adjustment to our Cloud Hosting clients’ monthly subscription since 2016.

Effective September 1, 2019, the cPanel licensing fee for Cloud Hosting plans has the following tiers:

  • cPanel Admin License (Up to 5 accounts) – $12.50/mo
  • cPanel Pro License (Up to 30 accounts) – $17.50/mo
  • cPanel Plus License (Up to 50 accounts) – $25.00/mo
  • cPanel Premier License (Up to 100 accounts) – $32.00/mo (for above 100 accounts, there will be additional 50 accounts for $5/mo)

To help you understand more about the pricing tier, we have prepared the following FAQ:

Q. What does “account” represent? If I have 10 email accounts, does it mean I have 10 accounts, which brings me to the cPanel Pro License tier?
A. The number of email accounts do not necessarily equal to the number of accounts. In a nutshell, an “account” refers to any registered cPanel admin users. In general, most of our Cloud Hosting clients only have 1 account. If you host multiple domains and each domain has its own cPanel login, this will be treated as separate cPanel accounts. If you are not sure of your number of accounts, we can certainly take a look for you to give you a clear picture. Simply send us a support ticket and we will be happy to help.

Q. Can I remove the unnecessary accounts?
A. Absolutely. You can log into the cPanel and remove the accounts easily. If you are not sure about how to remove the accounts, give us a shout and we are more than happy to help. Note: if your account has multiple domains with separate cPanel logins, you may consider consolidating all domains under one primary cPanel account and configure the rest as add-on domains.

Q. If I’m charged for a higher tier, but later remove the unnecessary accounts, will I still be charged with the higher tier pricing?
A: No. In fact, your pricing tier is calculated on a monthly basis. In your case, your second month will be charged with the lower pricing tier.

Q. Is cPanel mandatory?
A. Yes and no. cPanel is the control panel for users to manage their files and email accounts. Without cPanel, you will need to write your own management program to manage your files. If you choose to have your plan with barebone setup, please let us know and we can help you take a further look.

Q. Is there anything I need to do?
A. No. All of your account features will remain intact so you can continue to enjoy the features you have always had.

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