Most of us started off using the Doteasy Basic (or even the Unlimited) Hosting plan for our website. These plans are affordable and beginner-friendly, and for many of us, they can be the perfect fit.

Then, a handful of us get lucky and things go really well – more traffic and more content. Slowly, that shared hosting plan starts pulling at the seams like a shirt that’s a couple sizes too small. The real question now: when is the right time to make that switch.

Upgrading too early and you could be spending money unnecessarily. Waiting until it’s too late and your website’s performance would suffer.

There are two main ways to tell if now is the right time for a hosting plan upgrade:

  1. Your website is running slow
  2. You need more and better features

Reason #2 is a bit too obvious, so we will focus on reason #1 in this article – your website’s performance is suffering.

In general, people expect websites to load within seconds (3 seconds is often considered too long). If you’re wondering how fast your website loads, you can use services such as Pingdom Tools.

Speed and performance are vital for all websites as they play a huge role in search engine rankings and more importantly, user experience.

Of course, there are many reasons why your website is loading slow:

  1. Poor website optimization – this might include uncompressed images, buggy scripts, etc.
  2. Inadequate hosting solutions – if your website is still feeling sluggish after you’ve optimized it, chances are you’ve probably outgrown your hosting plan.

And don’t forget, as you add more pages and files, attract more traffic, etc. your website will require additional space and more server resources to run smoothly.

Sidenote: You can use the CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage tool in your cPanel dashboard to monitor your accounts ability to handle queries running on your website.


What about the Unlimited Hosting plan?


Yes, the Unlimited Hosting plan comes with greater capacity and will give you more leeway (than the Basic Hosting plan) before it should buckle under the workload. But don’t forget, the Unlimited Hosting plan is still a shared hosting plan, in a shared hosting environment, and the server needs to deal with multiple websites simultaneously.


How is the Doteasy Business Plan different?


Well, first off, the Business Hosting environment is VPN-like – you get more CPU, memory and higher I/O speeds. In a nutshell, the Business Hosting Plan includes more CPU cores, fast SSD storage and more than 5x the resources as the Unlimited Hosting plan, and all these means more resources to guarantee tip-top performance for your website.


How to start the upgrade process with minimal downtime?


If your main concern about upgrading is website downtime, you’re not alone – this is THE most common concern and one of the main reasons why people pull of the switch.

But, that’s why we’re here! Before you submit your upgrade, talk to one of our technical specialists. You can reach us through Live Chat, email or even phone! Let us know your concerns and we will do our best to deliver a seamless migration. Don’t just take our word for it, read Vancouverscape’s experience. She loved us, and we are sure you would, too!