You usually need 3 things to sell products online: a shopping cart, an SSL certificate and a merchant account with a payment gateway.

It sounds simple, but if you are new to ecommerce, you will discover that the opposite is often true.  Many shopping cart solutions are overly complicated and require some degree of technical knowledge and many hours to set up. Getting a merchant account and linking it up with your shopping cart isn’t straightforward either.

We have seen many users on either eBay, Etsy or Amazon tried to open their own online store but got stuck trying to figure out how to make it all work. Many of them simply return back to selling on marketplaces.

Well, selling on your website doesn’t have to be difficult or technical. In fact, you can start your web store without any technical knowledge or skills required.

Sell your products effortlessly through our product catalog app

Did you know that our drag-and-drop site builder comes with built-in ecommerce features?  All you need to do is choose a template, customize your online store and start selling.


•  Sell up to 2,500 products on your web store
•  Customizable variations for each products (ie. different color, sizes, etc)
•  Integrated PayPal payment processing
•  Flexible product listing including shipping costs, stock status and more

To begin, login to your Doteasy Member Zone and click on Open Site Builder.




Once you’re in the Site Builder, click Pages to the left and then Add Page.  You will find the Product Catalog app under Products in the Add Page function in the editor.




The Product Catalog application gives you the option to setup your web store as a product catalog only (with no online payment processing) or as a shopping cart and accept online orders.

Online payment processing is processed by PayPal. This means you can accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal payments on your website. All you need is a PayPal account.

By providing your PayPal account email address, the site builder will be able to bridge your web store to the PayPal processor. All payments are handled and processed by PayPal and no payment information will be stored on your Doteasy account or the site builder to ensure maximum security and privacy.




Did you know that you don’t even need a merchant account – PayPal gives you the additional option to have the funds deposited into your PayPal account.

To learn more about the Product Catalog app or if you need further step-by-step instructions on using the app, you can check out’s Help Library.

How to make your web store stand out from competition

Here are some of the simple but effective things you can do:

1. Include stunning, high-quality product images

2. Use the built-in product status feature to clearly indicate if a product is on sale, out of stock, backordered, etc.

3. Include social sharing buttons (ie. Facebook Like or Pinterest Pin) so that your visitors can easily share your website and products.

4. Display testimonials so that potential customers can read about other people’s experiences with your products and services.

5. Make sure your web store is mobile-friendly. If you are using the site builder to build your web store, make sure to use the built-in mobile editor to optimize the mobile-version of your web store.