Doteasy users are passionate, unique, and all around fantastic people. Need an example? Check out Steven Bennett of Steven opens up about his website, his inspirations, and of course- why he loves using Doteasy. 

Captured Nation is an alternative news and storytelling platform that allows people to share stories about “subcultures, cultures, travel, the bizarre, the beautiful and the absurd from around the world.

While it works like a social network, it also provides the means for contributing members to make money, be it through photography sales, crowd-funding, payments for featured stories, and more. To sum it all up in Steven’s words: “If I was to add a sprinkle of cheese, I would say it is a media platform for the people by the people.

On starting Captured Nation:

After being fed up with traditional news outlets which seemed only to offer news with an agenda, Steven wanted to create a new platform that would allow real people to share their stories, opinions, and views. His idea for the platform was to “allow anybody to join, contribute and share awesome, unbiased stories whilst protecting them from being lost amongst more generic content.

On the most rewarding aspect of it all:

Steven loves to embrace new challenges, new people, and new roles. “From developing new features and thinking up new campaigns, etc., I also get to meet and connect with amazing people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures. Everyday has a different challenge, leads to new ideas, and introduces me to new people and stories.

On choosing Doteasy:

“Doteasy has been absolutely fantastic over the years. The customer support team have always gone out of their way to help us and they have hosting packages available that help you to grow in an affordable organic way. When I first started I knew nothing about websites or hosting yet I was still able to get a project off the ground pretty easily. I can honestly say, I am not sure things would have progressed this far without their help. I have used other hosting companies whose support team seemed much less interested once I was signed up, I have never felt this with Doteasy.

Thanks for the glowing review, Steven!

On becoming a not-so-secret Taylor Swift fan:

When asked if he was willing to share anything wacky about himself to end off the interview, Steven confesses, “I guess it‘s not that wacky, but more shameful. I never thought I would say this but, due to the constant playing of the Red album in the car, I am now a converted Swifty.

Can‘t really blame you there, her songs are so catchy!

Thanks for the site inspiration, Steven, looks amazing! Best of luck with all your ventures.

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