A virus lurking in a single email can affect more than just your account: it can corrupt your computer, spread to your contacts, and disrupt other users on the same network. Don’t give spam and viruses a chance – get Doteasy’s Email Protection for just $6.95/month. Plus, email protection comes with a bonus 2GB of email storage!

With Doteasy Email Protection:

  • Take spam and viruses prisoner: they’re sent to a spam trap before they ever reach your inbox.
  • Don’t sell an arm and a leg – $6.95/month covers ALL email accounts under your domain name. (100 email accounts? You can keep your limbs.)
  • Picky users? We don’t judge. Each email user can customize the optimized default settings to their own level of spam control.
  • Safely manage and review trapped messages through the Doteasy Email Protection System web interface.

To learn more about our Email Protection service, please visit this page for full details.