Sometimes change is hard, but it doesn’t have to be! Google recently released their new “updated” Google Maps – but it’s just as easy as before to embed a custom Google map into your WordPress or any other website.

If you want to include a Google map on just one page, such as your Contact Us page, it’s simple to manually insert one. Here’s our step by step tutorial:

1) Go to Google Maps and type in the location you want.


2) Click on the Settings icon, (on the bottom right corner) and choose “Share and Embed Map.”


3) Click “Embed Map.”



4) Customize your map size by using the drop down menu.  If you’re feeling fancy, feel free to use the custom size option to get the exact dimensions you desire.


5) Copy the iframe code.


6) Now log into your WordPress account and paste the code into a post or page – make sure you are on HTML view. For non-WordPress users, paste the code on the page you want to display the map.

Voila! Publish your changes and you are good to go.

For WordPress users, if you want to use a Google Maps plugin, check that out here.