Remember our predictions for Web Design Trends in 2014? Now that we’re well into the year, let’s take a closer look at one of the more controversial design ideas that we mentioned: video integration.

To be more precise, we’re talking humongous videos in place of background images or in the large hero areas. Need some examples? Check out:

Exhibit A:


Gladeye uses this feature sparingly, choosing to use video only on its contact page. They also cleverly tie in their video content (of swooping angles of their location) with the page content (their physical address).

Exhibit B:


Savelli-Geneve takes a bolder approach with a more intimate video right on the homepage.


  • Videos can quickly convey your brand to your visitor.
  • It can grab attention and leave a memorable impression with your viewer.
  • Videos can add a little extra oomph to your web design!


  • Web users are now more concerned than ever about browsing the web at their own pace – does an auto play video take their control away?
  • Videos can have a jarring effect – does that suit your brand?
  • If not done well, videos can distract away from your content, or even annoy your visitor.

Weigh in with your thoughts! Is this a trend worth keeping or is it a distracting design gimmick?