What’s in a name?

Well, when it comes to domain names, the answer is A LOT. These days, while it might seem next to impossible to find an available .COM domain name without having to add five extra numbers to the end, it’s still worth your while to consider these factors in your search.

Your domain name should convey your brand.

  • What does your company or website offer? Make sure your domain name accurately reflects your product.

Make sure your domain name is memorable.

  • A name can be memorable when it’s short, funny or catchy.
  • While you might find it clever to spell “apple” as “app13,” others might not join in the joke when they’re painstakingly trying to remember your website name.
  • Consider how your domain name sounds when it’s spoken aloud.

Purchase more than one domain name.

  • Consider purchasing multiple domain names with similar spellings, and direct them to your main website.

This can be invaluable in many ways: It can prevent web delinquents from impersonating your company. Also, owning misspellings of your domain name can ensure that those who make frequent typos can still get to your site!

Bonus tip:

When all else fails, try adding generic words like “this,” “the,” “life,” “world,”etc. to your name to create a unique yet memorable domain name. Happy hunting! We’ll be talking more about domain names in our upcoming posts… stay tuned!