We have just launched the new state-of-the-art Solid State Drive (SSD) Hosting Service.

This brand new hosting service will utilize web servers that are fitted with SSDs rather than conventional hard disk drives (HDD).  Because SSDs typically perform 30 times faster than HDDs, users can expect this hosting service to be much more responsive than traditional hosting services that run on HDDs.  Users can run many more database-heavy applications without experiencing much loss in performance.

While the popularity of SSDs is on the rise, SSDs are very rarely used in shared web hosting applications since they are several times more expensive than their HDD equivalents.  Even if SSDs are used, they are used sparingly and only for top-of-the-line hosting services, such as Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Cloud Hosting services.  However, Doteasy is now breaking this tradition by using nothing but SSDs for shared web hosting storage, while keeping an entry level price point on their product.  With this service, Doteasy hopes to give users an affordable hosting solution for their high-performance websites.

With Doteasy’s SSD hosting, the user’s cPanel control panel and all of the user’s content, including website files, MySQL databases, and email, will all be stored on SSDs.  This service will feature a total of 100 GB of SSD storage and will also include a free domain name.

To celebrate the launch of this groundbreaking new service, we will be offering its SSD hosting service at a special introductory rate of just US$4.95/month for the first year (regularly US$11.95/month). Get blazing FAST HOSTING today.