So you’ve finally done it. You’ve set up a blog, perhaps thought of a clever title, and set aside time to write a post. Now what? If you’re like us, this question has probably raced through your mind: “What should I write about?” We’ve put together a go-to list of blogging topics to help you get through your next distressing blogging situation.


1) Tips and Tutorials

Yes, this is an obvious one, but it’s worth a mention! People search the internet with a specific question in mind, and your “how-to” post just might be exactly what they were looking for.

2) Address Common Problems

Are you constantly coming across a certain issue within your industry? Look through comments on popular blogs, or through your own, and look for problems that you can help solve.

3) Make Lists

…of important resources for your trade, must-read articles, most relevant tutorials, popular websites, best and worst products ever, etc! Consider using subheadings and bullet points to increase readability.

4) Tie-in Pop Culture to a Relevant Topic

If you’ve haven’t seen any Breaking Bad-related topics this week, then you just might be living under a large mineral. Making reference to TV shows, popular music, and entertainment news can make your post more relatable and interesting!

5) Highlight Important People in Your Category

Who is the Bill Gates of your industry? We love putting the spotlight on someone that gives us something to learn from, aspire to, or maybe even put us in the grips of the green-eyed monster.

6) Agree with a Guru

That Bill Gates of your industry may have something important to say. Share their pearls of wisdom or break them down to see how they can be applicable.

7) Disagree with a Guru

Be brave and go for it! You might be addressing something that everyone’s been wanting to say… or perhaps not. Whatever the case may be, you have the potential to spark an intelligent discussion.

8) Hold a Guru Face-Off!

Compare and contrast the ideas of two differing experts in your field and let the battle begin!

9) Ask One Question to Experts in Different Fields

Similar to the guru face-off, see if you can get a hold of a respected individuals to gain insight on a particular subject. You might be surprised at how similar or different their ideas will be.

10) Hold a Contest/ Freebie Giveaway

Everyone loves free stuff! You might want to find sponsors or partners to accumulate more products to give-away in return for good publicity. Win-win-win.

11) Product vs. Product

It’s face-off time again! This time, compare some crucial products that are needed in your field. For the fairest skirmish, it’s best if the products are direct competitors and hold the same purpose.

12) Offer a Review

Showcase and critique a product, a book, or anything of relevance. People are often curious about how others feel about a product, and you can be a potential resource!

13) Look for Holes in the Blogosphere

Is there a topic that’s being neglected in your industry? Look through poplar blogs and search for a topic that needs to be addressed.

14) Make a Prediction

Can you tell the future? Even if you can’t, it can be fun to see how close (or far off the mark) you can get! Is there a developing trend in your industry? Is a relevant company coming out with a product launch soon? Share your thoughts, but be prepared for your post to to spark a debate in the comments!

15) Give a Sneak Peek

Is your company working on something that you can’t wait to share? Offer a little spoiler to keep your readers on the edge of their seats.

16) Highlight an Innovative Tool or Product 

Is there a certain product that you or your company can’t live without? While you might take that tool for granted, you might be surprised at how helpful a little sharing can be.

17) A Day in the Life of…

…anyone of relevance in your field!

18) Address Popular Comments

Look through your blog posts and pay attention to the comment section – there might be a consensus about a topic your readers might fancy.

19) Explain, Comment On, or Share a News Item

Is a product launch coming that could cause a huge impact in your field? Are the FIFA World Cup results devastating for the state of your company (or at least interesting enough to mention?). No matter how relevant the news article, consider engaging your readers with your commentary.

20) Polls, Surveys, or Ask a Question

Remember that your blog is a communication tool! Engage with your readers and be ready to listen and learn.

So there you have it, a list of 20 blog topic suggestions that may be of help when you need inspiration. Let us know if you’ve got some more topic suggestions that we haven’t mentioned, or if there’s a topic in particular that you’d like us to cover!