Doing things the “paperless” way

Posted on Apr 22, 2013

On previous Earth Days, stories and statistics about pollution, global warming and environmental destruction dominated the media spotlight. To celebrate the Earth Day, Doteasy wants helping you use less paper in the office and at home:

  1. Send mail electronically using your domain email accounts in cPanel
  2. Use the Doteasy Hosted Blog to start your own company or family blog and save on printing and mailing newsletters
  3. Take your business online. Use the Doteasy Commerce System to create your own online storefront, product catalog, checkout counter and billing/invoice system
  4. Share your photographic masterpieces with friends and family all over the globe with an online photo gallery
  5. Use a content management system to organize, collaborate and communicate anything from a tiny memo to large documents, files, contacts, events and more

These are just a few examples. There is so much more you can do with your Doteasy web hosting account.

So, it’s time break out of the mould and do things the “paperless” way. Let Doteasy help you achieve your paperless goals.