A business webpage and its Facebook Page almost come hand in hand nowadays. Acquiring a business website allows you to interact more effectively with your clients and also create a channel for your clients to recommend your business to their friends. But, having a Facebook page is only the beginning. A Facebook page with no content means nothing to the readers. By providing quality content, you can acquire more Facebook followers.

So, now you’ve got the Facebook Page all set up, and you regularly make posts. Despite all these efforts, you notice that the number of “Likes” for your page haven’t increased in the past few months. What’s wrong? One of the great features of Facebook business pages is that you get to see how many people actually saw the post you made. After taking a look at this number, you notice that the numbers aren’t looking too great. What’s the problem?

Facebook is using an algorithm called EdgeRank to determine what posts show up in the newsfeeds for Facebook users. In other words, if Facebook thinks the posts on your Facebook are not relevant to your followers, the post will not show up in their newsfeeds. Similar to Google, Facebook keeps the algorithms “top secret”, but we know that one of the key elements which determine the relevance of your posts to followers are the popularity of your posts. So, the more followers that are engaged in your posts, the greater chance your future postings will reach your followers. In terms of engagement, we refer to the number of likes, comments, and shares in a given Facebook post.

Just to give you a recap: the more likes, comments, and shares your Facebook posts receive, the greater chance your Facebook posts will show up in the newsfeeds of all your followers.

Understand? Great, now you know the causes of a low reach rate in Facebook. However, this is only the first step. The key to success in social media is to increase the “virality” of your posts. The term viral simply means the spreading of Facebook posts from friends to friends, which are created from comments, likes, and most importantly, shares. We all know that a friend’s referral is by the most effective way to get new business.

We have shared a few thoughts on analyzing the success of your Facebook page in this post. In the next article, we will provide you with a few tips that we think can help you improve the engagement of your Facebook posts. So, stay tuned for details!