Everyone should backup their websites regularly! It is quick and easy and will give you peace of mind.

But why should I back up my own site? Doesn’t Doteasy backup my website anyways?

Yes, we do backups of your website, but the backups are mainly for our benefit, for example, the server crashes completely and we need to restore all the websites from that server onto a new one. All of the files from a server backup would be jumbled together. Also, when we perform our backups, it may not be the moment you make changes to your websites. So our backups may not include the latest changes of your websites.

Basically, our requirements for keeping backups of your server are different from your requirements for keeping a backup of your website. So, it is always good to make your own backups.

It’s very easy to do backup in cPanel. We’ve prepared a simple video tutorial for your guidelines. Hope you find it helpful!

Lack of time to do backups?

We know that a lot of our cusotmers do not have the time to do regular backups. May we suggest our Managed Hosting plan which helps you perform automated backup service. In addition, our Managed Hosting plan helps customers import, export, and optimization of the MySQL databases. For more info, please visit our service page for full details!