We all love celebrating holidays. But have you heard of a holiday called “Change Your Password Day”? Well, guess what? Today is “Change Your Password Day”.  Originated by the popular technology weblog Gizmodo, the idea of “Change Your Password Day” is to remind everyone to regularly update your passwords. Here are some reasons why you should consider changing your passwords on a regular basis:

  • In 2010, there were 7.3 million victims of cybercrime in Canada. Most of the crimes involved online passwords. – Source: Global News Canada
  • Numerous data breaches from major firms (Sony, Zappos, etc.) happened in the past few years.

Now you know why you need to change your passwords regularly.  So what’s next?  A change of password from “ABCD” to “EDFG” will not get the job done.  Take a look at this article by Technolog on MSNBC.com to find out what kind of passwords should you choose.  Another great tip with online passwords is to try having different passwords for different accounts (e.g. the password for your online banking account should not be the same as your Groupon account!). Hence, even if you become a victim of data breach from a website, only a few of your accounts will get affected.

However, it’s definitely not an easy task to remember so many sets of passwords. A simple way to handle numerous different passwords may be creating a file on Microsoft Excel and make the file “password-protected”. Other alternatives include subscribing online password managers such as KeePass and 1Password.

Change your passwords now to protect your online security. To change your passwords for your Doteasy account, log in to Doteasy’s Member Zone and look for “Change Password”.