What is Google Insight?

Google Insight is a free tool from Google to examine popular keyword people are searching over a time. Its slogan, “See what the world is searching for,” implies that one of the most important uses of Google Insight is to detect current and future trends, as well as to measure how Internet users perceive specific terms.

Search engine optimization deals primarily with keyword research, building links and doing onsite work. Google Insights offers a new and very useful tool for researching keywords. In all SEO processes, keyword research is the most critical part – a mistake in the keyword research means a failure of the whole SEO campaign

Traditional keyword research tools such as Google Keywords Tool, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools offer only basic information. They can’t provide you with detailed information such as:

  • Historical term popularity
  • Geographic usage
  • Suggested related top terms

More information on Google Insight at Google

Example: “website”

For example, we did a basic search for “websites” on Google Insight and we found out:

  • there has been a general decline in the interest of the term
  • search terms popularity varies amongst categories, for example, the most popular search terms in the Internet category are “free website’, “templates” and “template website”. However, the most popular search terms in the Entertainment > Music category are “music website”, “lyrics website” and then “free website”

You can change settings like time, country, etc. to target your query for certain countries or markets or niche.

What it means to your as a website owner?

Google Insight can help you determine which keywords are more popular. For example, an car manufacturer may be unsure whether it should highlight “fuel efficiency”, “safety” or “horsepower” to market a new car model.

Putting these three terms into Google Insight, we can see that there is considerably more interest in “safety” and “horsepower”. With this information, the manufacturer can incorporate car safety and horsepower into its marketing campaign.

Google Insights is also useful in determining a new market. Using the “Regional Interest” information, you can see where interest appears to be highest. You can then customize your website to appeal to the specific region.

More information on Google Insight at Google