Unlimited Hosting? Unlimited Hosting (Windows)? Which one do I need?

One of the most confusing decisions someone new to web hosting will have to make is which hosting platform to use, Windows or Linux.

Does it make a difference?

Generally no, it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Some people naturally assume that because their PC runs Windows they need to buy a Windows Hosting package. But, this isn’t true. You don’t need a Windows hosting package just because you’re using a Windows PC to design your website.

Access to your web account will be through FTP or a web-based Control Panel and both servers support these methods.

Your choice of server should depend on how you are creating your website. Consider the applications and scripting languages you plan to use:

  • Windows – if you use Windows-specific technologies such as ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL server (MSSQL) for your website
  • Linux – if you use PHP, Perl or MySQL; this includes if you’re planning on run WordPress, Zen Cart, phpBB, Coppermine, etc.


* HTML and JavaScript are supported on both Windows and Linux hosting packages.

* FrontPage Extensions are offered on both Windows and Linux hosting packages.

In terms of performance there is not a huge difference between the two servers. The reliability and stability of the different platforms have been the topic of many long arguments. Many argue that the Windows platform has security flaws, while others comment on the number of hack attempts on the Linux platform. In the end the security of both platforms comes down to the competency of the system administrators.

Then you may ask, if performance, security and reliability are not huge factors, then why is Windows hosting packages more expensive?

Linux hosting packages are less expensive because Linux is a free, open source system. On the other hand, Microsoft developed and owns the Windows operating system, and charges a licensing fee for the Windows server.

So whether you have a Windows PC or a Mac, it doesn’t matter when it comes to choosing your web hosting platform. It all comes down to what you plan to do with your website.

Doteasy offers both Linux and Windows Unlimited Hosting package.