The number of people who browse the Internet with their mobile devices is on the rise. However, the majority of websites on the Internet today is unsuitable for mobile viewing.

Creating a mobile-friendly version of your website is actually quite simple and there are a number of free services and applications you can use.

In addition to the WordPress iPhone plugin we have introduced in an earlier post, here are more free tools and services we’ve found:

1. mobiReady

Before you begin building your new mobile-friendly website, it’s always good to know how mobile-UNfriendly your current website is. You won’t be able to create a mobilized version of your website on mobiReady, but you can enter your URL and press “Go” and within seconds, you will receive a free report, detailing how well your site displays on mobile devices as well as the potential problem areas.

2. Google Mobile Optimizer

Go to, enter your site URL and a lightweight version will appear. Although it is completely un-customizable, it can be used as a bookmark for your phone.