Few days ago we covered a few alternatives on some SEO tactics. In this post, we will share two more.

Search Engine Submission

Did you know that search engine submissions are no longer necessary? Yet, a large number of web design companies are still promoting it and charging for the service. You no longer have to waste your time or money submitting your website to each individual search engine.

Alternative: Search engine discover new webpages through links and the easiest way is via social media sites – add a link to your website in a LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook profile or post. That’s all you need to do! Social media sites are crawled constantly so the link (and your website) will get found quickly.

Link Exchange Schemes

Getting links for your site from other sites on the same topic is still a great way to get traffic and page rank. However, beware of the link exchange campaigns and schemes you find in your email inbox. Simply put, link exchange works, but you have to be careful where your link is placed – a made-up page with millions of outgoing links is not going to help your website.

Alternative: You need content links – make people write about you in their blogs. Create valuable and unique content on your website and people will link to it naturally. You can also consider guest-blogging on other people’s blogs. Links from other niche-related websites and new sources are worth more weight than links from non-related sites.