author: Kathy

Whether you need to build a simple Contact Us form or a complicated Order Now form, you can do it all with Doteasy Hosted WebForm.

The Doteasy Hosted WebForm is the newest Doteasy-hosted application. It is a simple drag-and-drop form builder combined with an easy-to-u se data manager. Unlike the Email Form Doteasy WebTool, the Doteasy Hosted WebForm stores all data collected from your forms in a database. This way, there is no lost data. All you need to do is login to your WebForm account and you can view, manage and print the data.The WebForm also comes with the function to export the data in PDF format.

For those who need more functions, the Doteasy Hosted WebForm also comes in Enhanced and Professional Plans. Both plans offers anti-spamming CAPTCHA feature as well as form data encryption. The Professional plan also allows you to export form data in .CSV format.

The Doteasy Hosted WebForm is now available in your Member Zone. All Doteasy web hosting account comes with a free Basic Plan account. So login to your Member Zone and activate yours today!

More information on the Doteasy Hosted WebForm can be found at