author: Kathy

Many Doteasy Affiliate members use banner ads to promote our services. When you login to your affiliate member zone, you will find more than 15 banner ads to choose from.

However, did you know that there is also a text link as well as the “Sell-A-Friend’ tool you can use?

Text links work as well as banner ads in generating clicks and referral signups. In fact, text links are sometimes more effective. You can integrate text links into almost anywhere on a webpage without disturbing or distracting visitors.

Furthermore, you can catch more visitors with text links. Experienced web surfers have already trained themselves to know where banners are typically placed on a web page. It’s not that difficult to automatically tune out those messages such as the leaderboard banner across the top of a page or the banner ads lined up on the sidebar of a blog. Text links that are part of the content of your website will generally do better than banners.

So, build up relevant, interesting content. Tell a story through that content that appeals to your visitors and then incorporate your affiliate text link whenever you mentioned

The “Sell-A-Friend” tool allows you to send a brief email to potential referrals to tell them about Doteasy’s web hosting services. The email will include your affiliate referral link. You can edit the email body to include your own personal message. You can send the email to up to 10 people at the same time.

There are many ways to promote and earn more with Doteasy’s Affiliate Program. We provide all the tools you need, plus the great products and services that your referrals want.

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