Barracuda Network released their annual spam report yesterday.

According to their study,

1) The majority of business professionals view spam email as the worst form of junk advertising – worse than postal junk mail and telemarketing calls,

worst junk advertising

2) spam email accounted for 90 to 95 percent of all email in 2007, up from an estimated five percent of email in 2001


This is interesting.

Let’s pretend this is my business card:

demo business card

Traditionally, business card is a means to show people what you have to offer. Fallen in the right hands, my business card will tell people the basic information as to the service I offer and/or the organization that I am a apart of. It’s a great way to make sure people remember who I am.

However, looking at the card in a different light, clearly plastered on my business card are three nice and easy avenues for junk advertising – telephone, postal and email spam.