What goes on behind the scenes at Doteasy? Well, we’ve been busy with the preparation work for the SmartMail upgrades.

There’s actually a lot that needs to be done for the SmartMail upgrades on both the hardware and on the software. Our technicians need to do countless hours of preparation work before an upgrade can take place.

First, hardware needs to be tested to see which type would perform the best with the SmartMail software. This testing phase was not a easy stroll in the park. It actually takes a lot of time to test every aspect of the hardware with the software to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Adding new servers to a data center is no easy task. A lot of preparation work needs to be done before we can hook all the new servers up. We need to figure out where we can place the new servers, and also upgrade our cooling system and our electrical circuits to accomodate the new servers. Just to give you an idea on how big this project is, we have already spent several hundred thousands dollars on hardware and data center upgrades alone!

Doteasy SmartMail Servers

Secondly, in addition to testing the performance of the hardware, we also need to test the performance of the software. Before we can release the SmartMail system, we had to make sure there are no bugs or any other “surprises”. Documentation also had to be prepared so that you guys can learn more about the new SmartMail system and get the most out of it. All this work needs to be done before any upgrades can take place. As you can see, these past few weeks have been quite hectic. Hopefully, our efforts will not go to waste and everyone will be able to enjoy the new SmartMail system.