As we approach the primetime shopping holiday season, we are already seeing an influx in the number of spam hitting our mailservers. Reports in the past years have showed us that spam activities are highest in the months of October to January.

Many of you may wonder why are we at Doteasy choosing a high-spam time like now to carry out our mail system upgrades. A few of you might even wonder, if the new SmartMail is so powerful as we say it is, why are you still getting more spam?

Compared to our older webmail email service, the new Doteasy Smartmail uses more powerful software and hardware. It addresses a number of great concerns our older webmail system used to have, which includes dropped emails.

The new Doteasy SmartMail handles emails more efficiently so that all emails addressed to you, legit or spam, will be delivered. This, combined with increased efforts of spammers worldwide is the reason why you are seeing more spam in your inbox.

You saw less spam on the old webmail system because they were dropped by the mailserver; the old mailservers were not designed to handle high volumes of emails. As a result, many lower priority emails were dropped and lost. It worked in our favor because most of the dropped emails were emails with a high spam score.

But with increasing spam volume circulating on the Internet, the mailservers were constantly under extreme stress and we were starting to see irreversible damages to the server hardware. We had no other options but to expedite the process of migrating all of our customers to the new Doteasy SmartMail system.

Many of you who uses webmail will notice the Doteasy Spam and Email Virus Protection service page we have posted upon webmail login. I know it might be wrong-timing on our part, but the notice is there to remind our clients that in addition to the free Content Filter and Mail Processing Rules included in your webmail service, there is another option, a more sophiscated and less-hassle anti-spam protection.

We apologize if the Doteasy Spam and Email Virus Protection notices and/or the mail system upgrade has brought about any misconceptions or misunderstandings.

One last thing that needs to be made clear: We do not sell or release your information to any third-party, company or spammers. You trusted us with your information, and we value that trust more than anything else. The focus of our business is on providing affordable, reliable and honest web hosting services to our clients. It took us seven years to gain the trust of our clients and to grow to the reputable host we are today, and we’re not going to throw it all away.