Christmas on a budget? Well, why not let Doteasy help you with a wonderful gift idea – Doteasy Gift Domains. They are only $25 each.

Yes, it’s the same gift domain that you’ve been seeing on our website for the past years – US$25.00 for a 1-yr domain name registration and a $0 Hosting account.

Let me explain it in a more exciting way – Send them a Doteasy Gift Domain, and your special someone gets their own domain name, personalized website and email addresses. But wait, they also get all the following cool tools and applications for free:

Not everyone needs a forum on their website, but everyone can use a blog. A blog can be anything they want – a personal online diary, a documentary or complimentary of the day’s hottest news, a white board for daily rants, etc. This is what you do:

  1. Go to Doteasy’s signup page and click on Gift Domain. You need to pick a domain name for your gift recipient. Pick one that you think suits them the most; be creative, but be nice.
  2. Follow the rest of the application process. Pick a gift card. Let’s pick this one:
  3. Then, set the delivery date for Dec 26, 2007. Read on and you’ll understand why.

Doteasy will then process your Gift Domain application and will deliver the gift card for you on the specified delivery date.

Now, we all know everyone loves an actual gift, something magical about wrapping paper and ribbons. So, to avoid showing up at parties empty-handed, looking like the scrooge, here comes the second part of the gift. Go to the nearest stationary/ gift-wrapping store and gather all the material you need to replicate the Doteasy Gift Card you chose. Or, another great idea is to print a picture of the gift recipient and make your own card using it.

Write anything you want. Be as cheesy as you can. Afterall it’s a card and it’s supposed to be like those ones you buy at Hallmark. Once you’ve finished with your craft-project, place the card inside a gift box. Then, wrap the gift box nicely and tie it with a big bow.

Remember how we’ve set the delivery date for Dec 26. The reason? Doteasy Gift Domains are sent via email. You don’t want the email to ruin the time and effort you’ve spent on your homemade card, right?

There you go, the gift of blog – simple, useful, thoughtful, and fun. Something they can use, and an easier way for you to eavesdrop on their life.

By the way, a blog is also a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduation, I-Love-You, Thinking-of-You, and other just-because occasions.

Gentlemen, yes, you can propose via the Doteasy Gift Domain and blog. But please, make sure you also have the flowers and ring prepared.