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ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital Visit

August 31st, 2011

On Jul 14, 2011, we were invited to participate the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital Canada Goodwill Tour Vancouver Visit. We were given an exclusive on-board tour of the DC 10 Flying Eye Hospital and learn about ORBIS’s mission. It was definitely a fun and meaningful trip!

According to ORBIS Canada, here is a brief description of the Flying Eye Hospital:

“The ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital is the result of a unique and lasting alliance forged between the medical and aviation industries. This airborne eye hospital makes it possible for ORBIS to relocate an ophthalmic teaching facility to airports throughout the developing world. The ORBIS medical team provides hands-on training to local eye care professionals and conveys the latest medical knowledge to treat patients and restore sight. On the outside, the plane is like most other aircraft. Inside, however, it is like no other aircraft in the world.”

To learn more about ORBIS Canada’s mission and visions, please visit their official website.

Have a watch on this video and learn more about the core values of ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital. Please note that due to some eye surgery scenes in the video, viewer discretion is advised!

Fundraiser for ORBIS Canada

May 20th, 2011

We did it last year, and we do it again in 2011, with a better RECORD!!

On May 14, 2011, Doteasy participated in the ORBIS Pull for Sight 2011. We formed a team of 25 people to pull a 757 cargo airplane! We did it in less than 5 seconds!! BRAVO!!

ORBIS Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to prevent and treat blindness, first introduced Pull for Sight to Vancouver in 2010.  We joined the event in both years. In 2011, there were total 21 teams in total and we raised over $30,000 for the blind and visually impaired children throughout the developing world!

Thanks for all of our staffs and family members who participated and contributed to this fundraiser (manpower-wise and/or money-wise). You guys made this event memorable!

To learn more about ORBIS Canada’s mission and visions, please visit their official website.