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Flash Website Creator Nightmares – based on real story

October 29th, 2010

Customer: I am currently a Doteasy customer. I have a website with Doteasy and I need to transfer my other website I have to Doteasy. I used a flash website creator to build my website and therefore it is mostly flash and has many picture files and music on the site. Will all these be transferred, too, or will they be lost when I bring my website over to the Doteasy server?

We’ve been noticing quite a bit of similar inquiries from our customers recently and we would like to address these concerns so that you can be better informed, whether you’re thinking of transfer to or away from Doteasy’s Website Creator.

What is Flash-page builder?

Flash-page builder allows you to create Flash websites using their WYSIWYG Flash website building tool.

Why is it popular?

It allows you to create a Flash website without any knowledge of coding, scripting, or Flash animation, and without the need of expensive Flash editing softwares and programs. You add music, video and widgets with just a few clicks of the mouse.

If Flash-page builder is as awesome as it claims then why are people transferring to Doteasy?

The most common concerns and complaints we’ve received:

  • A lot of flash-page builder provides free hosting plan. However, their hosting plans don’t offer enough bandwidth and come with banner ads. To remove the ads and/or upgrade the bandwidth to 1GB, clients have to pay around $10 per month.
  • No email services are provided – you cannot set up email accounts
  • There are ongoing browser compatibility issues – only FireFox and Internet Explorer 8 are supported. However, the latest Flash must be installed in the browser. There are known/reported problems with Safari and Opera. Your Flash website is not supported on mobile devices.
  • The maximum file upload size is normally 10MB.
  • 3rd Party codes are not supported, unless it is custom-codes provided by the flash-page builder service provider. For example, you won’t be able to add a Twitter badge even if you’re using the Twitter widget from
  • You don’t get FTP access so there is no way of retrieving your uploaded files or website files (this means you won’t be able to download your existing web files in the event you want to transfer to another web hosting provider)

Unfortunately, for the customer who sent us the above inquiry, he won’t be able to transfer his existing web files (Flash, music, images, text, etc.).

So you wanna Flash it?

November 16th, 2007

When I first started in this industry, part of my training was web design. I can’t remember how many times my supervisor then stressed the importance of checking out works of the professionals. He got me hooked on this one particular site – Check out their Sites of the Week section.

Common characteristics I find amongst a lot of the showcased sites include clean navigation, simple layout, no-clutter, great graphics and images, fun attitude, and phenomenal flash work.

Whether it’s a flash intro, a web presentation or Flash multimedia, flash adds dynamics to your website, making it more aesthetic, with a ‘cool’ attitude.

So, you might be wondering…

How do I create Flash?

You need a Flash program to create your own Flash work. The more popular program is theAdobe Flash. Yes, I am aware of the price tag. But they do have a 30-day free trial you can download. The Adobe Flash is a no-nosense software, designed for advanced, professional, impressive flash work.

For those of us who are interested in something that is more affordable and less-advanced:

  1. If you are not looking for a full-on flash website, but simply flash banners, intro pages and text/image effects, check out CoffeeCup Firestarter and Anim-Fx.
  2. If you are looking for something similar to Adobe Flash to create a full-on website in Flash, then check out Swish.
  3. Flash To Go is an online flash site builder.

How do I add Flash to my website?

Once you have created your flash banner/intro/effects, save it in .swf format. W3Schools has an awesome tutorial on how to embed flash into your HTML files.

If you are using Adobe or Swish, there is an export function you can use to export your flash files in SWF and HTML formats. Simple upload these files to your web server.

Note: Flash is supported on all Doteasy web hosting packages, including $0 Hosting.

Can I buy already-made Flash templates?

Of course. There are a lot of companies selling Flash templates, all you need to do is simple/minor customizations to make it yours.

Most of these templates require Adobe Flash to customize, but there are also templates designed for SwishMax, too. Make sure you check the required programs before you make any purchases.

To purchase templates, check out: