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And It All Begins Here…

August 29th, 2007

Content and content delivery.

Nowadays, every company keeps a blog, whether as a marketing communication tool or a record of the company’s growth. I have to admit that blogs are powerful conversation enablers. It allows the company to say what it needs to, hear what’s being said, and if necessary, speak up with a correction to a mass audience.

Blog is a tool. An asset. A very important one, and today, I decided to start the Blog.

The Blog will be a collaboration of the many individual soapboxes at We will use it as an avenue to discuss upcoming plans and goals, new services and cool tricks, tips and solutions, challenges and changes from each of our different teams. That way, you can get to know all of us a little bit more.

We also want to use this blog as a means to get to know all of you more. A place where you can share with us your insight, feedback and suggestions. A place for us to listen and learn about your needs.

So, it all starts here. Our company, your website, let’s take it to the next step, together.

Now, let’s start blogging!