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Meet the Stars at Doteasy!

November 13th, 2012

Doteasy’s in-house customer service support team is one of our greatest assets, and we are proud of it. At Doteasy, we consistently strive to ensure your inquiries are handled professionally, efficiently, and accurately. We don’t outsource customer service support to other locations, because we care about you! Outsourcing means cases will take longer to transition to different departments, and outsourcing these jobs will only lengthen the time our customer have to wait.

Keeping our customer service support in-house is only one of the many reasons why we have quality customer service. We also take care to recruit as many knowledgeable employees (or, Geeks, if you will) as possible here at Doteasy. We also provide them with some of the latest technology, so as a company we are able to stay on top of our game and provide assistance to clients. Namely, we’ve recently added two videos, featuring our staff member Graham unboxing the Microsoft Surface while providing a walk-through as to how you as a client would set up a domain email account on the tablet. So far the response has been positive, and we’re glad to see that our clients are finding our videos informative and engaging.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive updates on future videos! Pssst…! As a reward for being a blog reader we’ll tell you about our next video: Graham will be taking you through the steps on how to create a website with NO coding background! We’re sure this sounds like good news to some of you. Also, in case you’ve ever wondered what Cloud Hosting is, Cloud Project Manager Marcus would be glad to tell you about it in this video. Lastly, our Reseller Panel specialist Richard does a walk-through of how to customize your Reseller Panel using Cloud Hosting.

So, after all this, we’re sure you’re getting a little excited. What are you waiting for? Meet the Doteasy Stars on our YouTube Channel today!

An Interview with Doteasy Technical Support Agent

September 18th, 2012

At Doteasy, we place a high emphasis on customer satisfaction. You’re probably reading this and thinking to yourself: “Oh, just another web hosting company. Nothing special.” This is not true! We try exceptionally hard to keep our customers happy. If you have a problem with your website, you can reach us through Live Chat, Telephone, and our Customer Support Ticket System.

Getting extra support to maintain your website doesn’t end there! We have blog posts which highlight important bits of information about web hosting, as well as frequent updates to our growing library of YouTube tutorial videos. These videos teach customers how to perform specific tasks to maintain as well as update their website.

Our customer support hotline features in-house staff to cater to your needs. That way, we can ensure your support case is handled professionally, efficiently, and accurately.

Well, you’ve heard a lot about Doteasy’s customer service. Why not find out what it’s like working in the Customer Service Department? Join Technical Support Agent Richard, as he talks about his life at Doteasy!

P.S.: Do you think Richard looks familiar to you? He actually made a “Guest Appearance” on our Reseller Hosting Panel Video Tutorial! Stay tuned for more video tutorials with his appearances!