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Doteasy Hosted Blog: New Features Launched

August 22nd, 2008

author: Kathy

If you’ve signed into your Doteasy Hosted Blog in the last couple days you would’ve noticed a few new features.

1. Custom Date and Time

Custom Date and Time

ou can now set a custom date and time for your entries. Previously, all entries posted to the blog is time-stamped with the server’s date and time. Now, with the custom date and time feature, you can easily change the entry post date to accurately reflect your country time zone.

2. Recent Comments

You can now add a “Recent Comments” section to your blog sidebar.

Recent Comments

ncluding recent comment links in your sidebar can encourage conversation, especially when you blog is a social blog. Also, because the blog displays entries in an reversed chronological order (last one first), the “Recent Comments” can help your readers discover other content on your blog.

3. Navigation

You can also add a “Navigation” section to your blog sidebar.


The Navigation section will contain direct links to your blog main page, Today’s entry as well as an Archives page.

New Blog Project – Blog Customization

October 12th, 2007

A client recently emailed us about his new blog project – he wants to make his Doteasy Blog look like his Facebook page. The client has customized the appearance of his blog, and I must say, he did a pretty good job.

Once the appearance is set, the next step is to decorate the blog with widgets, or mini-applications.

For example, you can add a RSS news reader, an audio/video player, photo/image display, weather or map button, games, etc.

Check these out:

  • Spring Widgets – gallery of widgets, including the new reader, games, etc.
  • Widgipedia – gallery of widgets, including games and other fun widgets
  • WidgetBox – gallery of widgets, including MyiTunes, YouTube, games and other fun widgets
  • Google Gadgets – gallery of widgets, including Google Talk, Google Calendar, Weather, Google Docs, Google News, Picasa Web Photos, etc.
  • RockYou – gallery of widgets, including Corkboard, ShoutOuts, Horoscope, Voicemail, games

More widgets:

And not to forget, you can also add your Doteasy Affiliate Banner to your blog sidebar to generate some extra affiliate credits.

So, yes, you can easily make your blog look like your Facebook page by adding widgets to the blog sidebar.

To add the widget to your blog sidebar, simple copy-and-paste the code in Add Custom Scriptsection under the Blog Sidebar tab.

For more information on how to add and arrange elements in your Doteasy blog sidebar, check out our online tutorial at:

RSS – What Is It?

September 18th, 2007

Some of you might have noticed a new icon on the footer of your Doteasy Hosted Blog, something that looks like this: RSS

Before you send us an email asking how to have it removed from your Doteasy Hosted Blog, let’s learn what it means and what it does to your blog.

What is RSS?

RSS is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. It’s basically a “What’s New” report for your blog.

The RSS on your blog creates a way for your visitors to detect changes on your website, fetch the new content from your blog, and present them in a condensed way.

So a visitor clicks on the RSS, what happens then?

The first thing they need is a RSS news reader, also called an aggregator. There are all kinds of news readers available. Some are web-based, meaning you access it through your web browser, some you can download and use it on your desktop or mobile device.

If you are on the Doteasy Smartmail system, you will have noticed that you can use your Doteasy Smartmail to receive RSS feeds. My YahooGoogle Reader and the Subscribe to this page in your Mozilla FireFox are other examples of an RSS news reader.

When your visitor clicks on the RSS on your blog, your blog sends the feed URL to their RSS feed reader. This basically tells their news reader where they need to go to for your blog’s updates, and to stay on-alert for updates. When you post a new blog entry, the news reader will notify your visitor by sending him/her a summary of the new content with a link to the actual entry on your blog.

How does having the RSS on my blog benefit me?

In many ways, RSS is similar to subscription newsletters, but better.

  1. You don’t need to send out newsletters. No need for mass mailing or emailing. All you do is post your new entry.
  2. The RSS news reader does all the update ‘pulling’ for your visitor.
  3. Your client has complete control of their news feeder, they can add and remove any RSS subscription anytime they want (unlike email newsletters, which I like to refer to them as “a spam complaint” waiting to be served).

In addition, because the news feeder sends your visitor a condensed summary of your updates, in a way, it’s like serving sending them a menu of your “today’s special”. They can access information on your blog easier and faster, in a way they have total control.

Your Blog Is Ready, Now What?

September 10th, 2007

So, you’ve finished customizing your blog, you’re happy with it and you’re ready to begin your first blog entry.

You click on the “Add Entry” link and then you realize in horror, you have absolutely nothing to write about. You’ve hit the backspace button a few times already, still you’ve got no more than “Hello, this is my first post” in the text box.

You try to come up with funny childhood memories, heartfelt confession about some big social (or fashion) no-no you’ve committed, the news-breaking gossip you overheard in the washroom at work, or your take on the documentary they just aired on the Discovery Channel. You’ve paced back and forth, brainstorming for a great post. But after the entire bag of Cheetos and two bottles of Buds, you’re still…clueless.

Maybe you should check out these ideas I found on the article 111 instant blog post ideas.

#20. Do some new product announcement/reviews

#32. Do a “Link of the Week” (or “Link of the Day”) by sharing a favorite link to a webpage/blog.

#39. Talk about current news events.

#62. Reflect on your time as a blogger and share lessons you’ve learned.

#63. Publish a picture or image and describe what it means to you and relate it to your blog topic.

#75. Share some recent photos you’ve taken.

#78. Share your Christmas or birthday wishlist with the world.

#105. Write a “how to” guide to something

#63 and 75 are my favorites, because a photo is worth a thousand words, and that photo you posted just saved you from all that typing. =)

Happy blogging!