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Should You Upgrade to SSD Hosting?

December 9th, 2013

Have you ever visited an online store and felt like you were waiting for an eternity for the images to load?

For your own website, it’s crucial that you minimize your initial loading times so that impatient visitors don’t leave your site. While you can increase storage space, bandwidth, and RAM, that sometimes might not be enough. How fast your hard drive can actually access its memory can be the key to increasing your website speed.

What is SSD Hosting?

blog-ssd_YBSSD stands for Solid State Drive, and it’s the “next-generation” alternative to HDDs, or “Hard Disk Drives” for storage. The best way to understand how Solid State Drives work would be compare how it DOESN’T work like a traditional Hard Disk Drive.

Hard Disk Drives store information on rotating disks. When a visitor enters a website, a moving arm with a “read and write head” is used to access the data stored in the disks. The reason why visitors would see a delay when the webpage is loading is because it takes time to move the head to access information.


Traditional HDDs with “read and write head”

On the other hand, a Solid State Drive has no mechanical moving parts, and instead uses microchips. What this means is that SSDs can read and write data almost instantly, so initial load times of your website will be significantly faster than with HDD storage. Other handy benefits include more reliability and stability of performance because of the sturdier construction.

Is SSD hosting right for you?

SSD hosting is moving towards becoming the new industry standard because of its efficiency, reliability, and speed. However, one factor you may need to consider before making the switch is the price tag. SSD hosting is traditionally more expensive than hosting with other storage methods.

However, if your website is heavy in graphics, content, or database-heavy applications, it would be well worth the investment to switch to SSDs. Imagine one of your potential customers at the checkout of your online store, waiting to see if the transaction went through. The last thing you want is a confused customer that thinks your site is unreliable or difficult to use. It would be valuable to have quick load times to make sure your visitors are relaxed, happy, and willing to stay on your site!

Another factor to consider would be that typically, SSD hosting plans will have a cap on storage space because storage is more costly with SSD hosting. Because of this, consider how much storage space you’ll actually use. If you don’t think you’ll exceed the given cap limit, don’t compromise your speed and performance for storage space that you don’t need.

SSD hosting is becoming more popular but is currently offered only as a premium service by most hosting providers. Right now at Doteasy, we want our clients to be able to experience the high performance of SSD hosting without having to take a blow to their wallets. The future is moving towards SSD hosting, so why not get ahead of the game? We’re offering complete SSD hosting for our shared hosting plans at only $4.95/month for the first year (with renewal rates as low as $10.95/month only). If you have any questions, we’re here to answer them! Drop us a line in the comments or contact our customer support! (

Hosting Your Website Overseas – does it matter?

November 22nd, 2010

The main difference between hosting your website locally versus overseas:

  • Cost difference
  • Customer service
  • Hosting location

Cost Difference

Web hosting, like pretty much everything, is more expensive in countries such as the US or UK – they pay higher taxes, higher wages and must generate a higher income to remain profitable. In contrast, companies in countries, such as India, can offer their services much cheaper due to their economic situation.

Customer Service

In the web hosting industry where prices and services are standard, customer care often becomes the main differentiating factor amongst providers. Most web hosting companies are specially trained on dealing with customer and work toward providing top-notch service.

Do keep in mind that hosting your website in countries with different customs and time zones can be frustrating – communication barriers, understandings, time difference, etc.

Hosting Location

The closer the servers are (geographically) to the site visitors, the faster the pages will load as a greater distance means there are probably more nodes for data to pass through before it reaches the user.

If you are aiming to target a specific audience, you should use a country specific domain extension (ie. .ca for Canada, .uk for the UK), use local web hosting and focus on building links that come mainly from sites in that geo-location. This way, it allows the search engines to easily determine where your market is and more effectively rank and display your website in search results.

Doteasy cPanel Online Website Mangement System Live!

November 17th, 2009

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Doteasy cPanel Online Website Management System. The new Doteasy cPanel System provides many new features which offer website administrators greater control over their website configurations and email settings. Here are some key features:

A new web interface that is simple, intuitive, and customizable
Doteasy has redesign the web interface so icons are easily understood and easier to remember. Your cPanel Home Page is customizable so you can have the function you want where you want.

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Host and park multiple domains on one account.
You’ve asked. We’ve delivered. You can now host and manage multiple domains from one panel with one username and password.

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Fantastico Instant Script Install

Fantastico is a Script Auto-Installer which helps website administrator to install scripts without all of the hassles usually associated with setting up WordPress, Drupal, Joomla 1.5, Crafty Syntax Live Help, phpBB, OS Commerce, Zen Cart, Coppermine Photo Gallery, Gallery 2, Moodle and many more.

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