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Power up Your Website with Doteasy’s Cloud Hosting Service

March 27th, 2013


At Doteasy, we offer various web hosting plans to cater the needs for different clients. For customers with a limited budget and would like to try out building their first website, our Basic Hosting plan is the perfect solution. Simply register a domain with us and subscribe to our Basic Hosting plan for less than $40 a year,  probably less than the amount of money you would spend on coffee during the week. Don’t know how to make a website? No problem! We have compiled different video tutorials such as “How to create your website with Doteasy Website Creator” and “Building a Professional Website for only $25” to guide you through the building stage, with no skipped steps. With these great tools, you can use either our “click-to-build” website creator or free CSS templates to build your website.

For more advanced users who would like to build their websites with different scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, we recommend our award-winning Unlimited Hosting Plan with PHP support. Never heard of PHP? Definitely check out this great post featured on our Scripts Library about PHP! Our Unlimited Hosting plan comes with FREE Softaculous, an auto-script-installer which offers over 250 hosting apps that can help you install scripts in just a few clicks. Powerful open-source scripts such as WordPress and phpBB enable clients to create websites with more features such as blogging, forum, photo gallery, and even e-commerce options.

The two hosting plans mentioned above are both in a shared hosting environment. With a Shared Hosting plan, you share storage on a web server with other users. Since the costs of the web hosting servers are shared, web hosting providers like Doteasy can offer more affordable prices for such services. However, all the files are exposed to the users that are on the same shared server. If any one of the users makes an error in scripting, all users on the shared server are affected. To lower the chance of this happening, users that are subscribed to Shared Hosting services are not authorized to run their own programs. This may become an issue to certain advanced users as they often need more control over the server settings. Also, in a shared hosting environment, your server resources are shared among all users in the same server. When a website in your server experiences a higher-than-normal website traffic, it will automatically require more usage of the resources. This, however, may affect your website performance.

If your website has high traffic volume, or if your business greatly relies on online presence, you should consider subscribing to our Cloud Hosting plan. One of the main benefits of cloud hosting is the fully-redundant infrastructure, down to every server, router and switch. Automatic failover measures are configured at each layer to ensure your website and applications are accessible at all times, even in the event of a single point of failure. Watch our YouTube Playlist “Cloud Hosting with Reseller Features” as our Cloud Project Manager Marcus not only explains in details about the Cloud Hosting technology, but also takes us on an on-site tour to see our data center.

Now the question is, what’s the main difference between Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting?

Here is a comparison chart.


You may check out our Cloud Hosting Service Feature Page to learn more about the details or contact us through our live chat/service support ticket/real-person telephone support.

How Doteasy helps you in achieving your New Year’s resolutions

January 5th, 2011

As 2010 has already passed us by, many of us may already have planned their New Year’s resolutions. Many people believe that resolutions are made to be broken – that’s only because they don’t have to right tools to make a good change happen. This year, Doteasy is here to offer a helping hand toward achieving that triumvirate of aims.

Here are some popular New Year’s resolutions:

1. Keep in Touch

We all know what it’s like, people move away and slowly the effort to stay in touch with them starts to dwindle and fade. This year is the year to change all that.

Letters are a grey way of showing you care and you’re making the effort to keep in touch. But snail mail takes awhile to get there, thus making email the next best thing.

Doteasy email solutions and tools that can help you:

  • Doteasy webmail – you can login and manage your emails from anywhere, as long as you have access to a computer, a web browser (ie. Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, Safari…) and Internet connection (ie. dial-up, high-speed, cable…)
  • Doteasy POPmail – you can also setup your domain emails on your Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, and even you smart/mobile phone!
  • Doteasy WebMail – a free Doteasy hosted application that allows you to easily create a contact form and even registration/RSVP/order, etc. forms for your website, blog, etc.
  • Doteasy Spam and Email Virus Protection – the fact of the matter is, spammers will continue to send out spam. While we can’t stop them, we can try to minimize the damages they do to our inboxes.

2. Lose the Bulge

With the sumptuous food and treats available during the holiday season, it is easy for all of us to overdo it – even while we are adopting a weight-loss new year’s resolution. Experts suggest that an effective way to lose weight is to start a food and exercise diary, and to join a support group – maybe it’s because we tend to be on our best behaviour when someone’s watching.

You can do both with a blog! You can keep a record of and share what you ate and how long you’ve ran with your readers (supporters). Brag about your achievements and get feedback and pick-me-ups from them.

Doteasy blogging solutions and tools that can help you:

  • Doteasy Hosted Blog – a free Doteasy hosted application that allows you to easily add a simple blog to your website.
  • Fantastico one-click WordPress installation – if you like the WordPress blogging platform, you can certainly add one to your Doteasy website. The Doteasy Unlimited Hosting plan comes with Fantastico, a one-click script installer. Other blogging platforms and CMS include Nucleus, Drupal, Joomla and more…

3. Share More Photos

If you are not currently sharing your photos, whether you’re an aspiring photographer or an enthusiastic amateur, you should in Year 2011. You can share your travel photos with your friends, photos of your new baby with your family, etc. and you don’t have to lug your brag-book around – all you need is an online photo gallery.

Doteasy photo gallery solutions and tools that can help you:

  • Doteasy Hosted Gallery – a free Doteasy hosted application that allows you to easily add a simple photo gallery to showcase your photos. The application comes with 3 different storage plans to accommodate 1 to 50,000 photos!
  • Fantastico one-click Coppermine Gallery installation – if you like the Coppermine photo gallery platform, you can certainly add one to your Doteasy website. The Doteasy Unlimited Hosting plan comes with Fantastico, a one-click script installer. Other image galleries include 4Image Gallery and Gallery.

4. Start a Hobby

Whether it is knitting, cooking or carpentry (I personally would love to start video-gaming…), it’s not what you do, but the commitment to make the project positive, fun and enjoyable – and what’s a better way to do so than to share your experiences, tips and insights with fellow hobbyist. The easiest way to do this is a forum.

Doteasy forum solutions and tools that can help you:

  • Doteasy Hosted Forum – a free Doteasy hosted application that allows you to easily add a simple forum or discussion board on your website.
  • Fantastico one-click phpBB installation – if you like phpBB forum platform, you can certainly add one to your Doteasy website. The Doteasy Unlimited Hosting plan comes with Fantastico, a one-click script installer. Another popular forum platform include is the Simple Machines Forum (SMF).

5. Make a Website

If you do not already have a personal website, make 2011 the year you create your own personal website.

Who needs a personal website? Everyone does! Here are some ways you can use a personal website:

  • Resume and portfolio
  • Blog
  • Photo gallery
  • Earn money (with Google Ads, Yahoo! Ads, affiliate banners, etc.)

If you’re new to websites or if you don’t know how to make a website, Doteasy has the perfect tool for you – Doteasy Website Creator. The Doteasy Website Creator is a free website building application that helps you put together a website in minutes. It comes complete with pre-built templates, a library of high-quality images and easy-to-use text editor to add your own content.

6. Make Money

Is 2011 the year to take your business online? Maybe you already have a store on eBay, Etsy or PayPal and it’s time to expand. Whatever the circumstances, setting up an online store is a great way to start making money online or to expand an existing business.

Doteasy ecommerce solutions and tools that can help you:

  • Doteasy Commerce – Doteasy Commerce is an all-in-one shopping cart system and web store builder. It’s powerful to handle the most advanced eCommerce needs but simple enough to be easily managed by non-technical staff.
  • SSL certificates – Gain customer’s confidence and get an edge on your competition with a GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SSL certificate. Doteasy is an authorized reseller of the GeoTrust SSL certificate.

7. Take the Next Step

Taking the next step could be anything, from going after that promotion at work, to learning to swim. It’s all about moving forward with life. While Doteasy won’t be able to teach you how to swim, but we can certainly help you take your website to the next level.

The Doteasy Unlimited Hosting Plan is our advanced web hosting solution. It is designed for websites that demand the highest performance, from scripting and database support to bandwidth and disk space capacity.

Doteasy Unlimited Hosting Plan features highlight:

  • unlimited disk space
  • unlimited monthly data transfer
  • unlimited email accounts
  • host unlimited domains
  • unlimited MySQL databases
  • unlimited FTP accounts
  • unlimited subdomains
  • advanced scripting support: PHP, Perl, CGI, ASP, ASP.NET and more…

Basically, all the features you would need to take your website to the next level.

Happy New Year everyone!

PS: Don’t forget our New Year Promo!! Register any .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi, or .us domain name for only $6.93/1st year.

Doteasy Hosted Gallery – New Features

November 28th, 2008

author: Kathy

We have added several features to the Doteasy Hosted Gallery in the past couple months. In case you are not aware of the new features:

1. Share Album

When you enable the “Share this Album” function, an email form will be displayed on your gallery page.

[click image for larger view]

The email form allows your visitors to share your album with their friends and family by sending an email to them with a permalink to your album.

Note, if you enable this feature for a PRIVATE album, the recipient of the email may not have the permissions to view the album.

2. Sort Album

Just like the Photo Sorting function, you can now rearrange the albums in your gallery. The Album Sorting function also uses the same drag and drop logic.

[click image for larger view]

3. Photo Commenting

Your visitors can now comment on your photos.

[click image for larger view]

The Photo Comment function is flexible, allowing you to enable comments from all visitors or just friends in your Address Book. By enabling comments, you can also choose whether you want to be notified via email whenever a comment has been posted.

You will find all these settings in your Photo Gallery admin area. The Photo Commenting and “Share this Album” functions are under the “Customize Album Setting” tab and the Album Sorting function is on the “Manage Albums” page.