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Why Register Multiple Domain Extensions for Your Website?

March 20th, 2013

Now that you have registered your .COM domain name. What’s next? Sit back, and enjoy?! Not yet!!

There are a handful of domain extensions in the market, including .net, .org, .biz, .info, and .mobi. It’s important to register at least a few of them. Here are some reasons why:

Reduce the chance of competition

Quite often, people only remember the name of a company, but not its website. So, when they want to visit that particular business’ website, they may forget the domain extension. Therefore, it’s important to register multiple domain extensions for your primary domain name in order to secure your online identity, and prevent competitors from purchasing the other extensions of your domain.

Target different audiences

When you register a country code top-level domain name, such as .US, .CA, or .CO.UK, you can design your website content in such a way that it specifically targets different groups of people based on their location.

Domain Forwarding – A Great Easy Way to Manage a Website with Multiple Domain Extensions

Having multiple domain extensions for your website is definitely an advantage, and it doesn’t take much added effort either. Instead of creating a different website for each of your domain extensions, you can simply forward each of your domain extensions to your primary domain extension by Domain Forwarding. Domain forwarding allows you to direct a domain name to another website and it is included free with all Doteasy web hosting accounts. So, for example, if a user visits, and you have enabled domain forwarding for your .CA domain to your .COM domain, they will be redirected to In cPanel, there is a function called “Redirects” under “Domains” and you can simply forward your domain to another web page or site. Watch this video as it features Doteasy Graham explaining to you in details about the benefits for domain forwarding as well as the steps to execute the domain forwarding. If you have problems in setting the domain forwarding in your cPanel, submit a support ticket by visiting our Contact us Page.

More Domain Extensions Coming Soon

Speaking of domain extensions, many new Generic top-level domain extensions (gTLD) will become available in the market very soon and we are considering including some of these new gTLD in our domain extension list. Please let us know if you are interested in any particular gTLD so that we can better suite your needs. Cheers!

Hotlink Protection – Preventing Bandwidth Theft

March 11th, 2013

A Doteasy customer recently suffered from website downtime and contacted our support team. After an investigation, we explained to the client that the downtime was due to excessive website traffic which caused the entire server to run slow. In particular, the abnormal website traffic was caused by hotlink. In fact, we have already notified the customer this problem few months ago and suggested her to enable the hotlink protection in cPanel. Being a novice blogger, the customer had no clue of fixing the problem and did not respond to our first reminder. At last, after she found out the problem, we promptly provided her with a few suggestions such as plugin installations and hotlink protection. Her website was quickly put back to LIVE after the fix.

So, what is hotlink? A hotlink occurs when content from your site is embedded on another site, using your bandwidth to serve the files. For example, you have a blog sharing shopping tips with your visitors. You post a picture that you took at a supermarket for a crazy sale item. Then, someone copies the URL of the picture from your site and shares the URL in a forum. Your picture is loaded every time a reader visits that forum while your website doesn’t receive any human traffic at all. One of the biggest problems of hotlink is that it causes excessive website traffic while not giving your website any authentic human traffic. In a shared hosting environment, all websites in the same server may suffer from slow load time due to hotlink problems.

Doteasy customers who subscribe to any cPanel hosting plans can take a simple step to prevent hotlink. cPanel offers a great feature called “Hotlink Protection”. To enable this feature, login to your cPanel. Search for “HotLink Protection” below “Security”.


Click the “Enable” button


Now your website is now hotlink-protected. You can customize the setting to better suite your needs such as specifying the file formats to be included in the “protected list” as well as redirecting visitors to a custom web page when the image URL is loaded outside your own domain. Here is a screenshot to demonstrate the “before” and “after” scenario of launching the hotlink protection feature.


We used W3schools HTML editor to test inserting <img> HTML tag. Before enabling the feature, as you can see from the screenshot, there is a “badge-like” image with the letter “D” inside. After enabling the feature, the image is displayed as a broken link.

If you need assistance in enabling hotlink protection, please contact our customer support team.

Analyzing website statistics with Webalizer

February 28th, 2013

After spending hours of work, your website is live now. So, what’s next? Here are a few things we always recommend clients to do:

Check out our blog posts for instructions on how to implement the two recommendations above by clicking the provided links if you haven’t already done so.

Now that your website has been around for a month, you want to know how popular your website actually is. How can you achieve that? Are there any coding or special programs needed to install on the website? For Doteasy customers who are currently using cPanel Hosting plans, there is nothing extra you need to install. Simply login to your cPanel to access a feature called Webalizer. This feature provides you an analysis of your website traffic. With Webalizer, you can learn more about the demographics of your visitors (who they are, where are they are from, etc), the popularity of the different pages on your website, or even the details about search strings. We’ve made a short video on explaining in details about what Webalizer is, as well as how to navigate in Webalizer.

With all these statistics info, you can find the strengths and weaknesses of your website. For example, you can customize your content, based on your visitor demographics info and search strings. You can also view which of the external websites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, advertisements on external websites) bring you the most traffic with the details of Webalizer.

If you need any assistance, please contact us and our Customer Support Team is happy to assist you.


10 ways to speed up WordPress load times

January 24th, 2013

The reason why you choose WordPress to build your website is because it is easy to use and you do not need any HTML background knowledge to create your website. So, when your website is done and completed, you work very hard to create more posts and content everyday. Your website traffic picks up and it starts to grow. To enhance your readers browsing experiences, you start using more WordPress plugins so that your website can have a few extra features (i.e. Social Media Share button, different language translators, etc). However, you start to realize that the more plugins and posts you make, the longer load time your website experiences. What should you do now?

Nobody likes slow websites. Nobody likes to wait around for websites to load every minute. Your (potential) readers will leave your website when it does not load for 10 seconds which means it is very important to optimize the load time of your WordPress website. Therefore, we have prepared a list with 10 easy tips to speed up your website.

1. Caching Plugin

Caching plugin helps your website improve its load speed because the plugin caches every aspect of your website. As a result, this will significantly reduce the download time. Among the different caching plugins available online, we recommend W3 Total Cache because it is very simple to use (and it’s FREE)!

2. Optimizing Image

Image file sizes are much larger than text files. If your website is image-oriented, it will take a much longer time to load your website. There is a free plugin called WP-Smushlt which can automatically help you reduce the file sizes of your website but does not reduce the quality of the image. Definitely check this out!

3. Another Image-related plugin: LazyLoad

This plugin will not only speed up your website load time but will also help your website lower the bandwidth by loading less data for your viewers who do not scroll down your website. For example, if your website is vertically long and requires readers to scroll down in order to view your entire page, with LazyLoad, the images on the lower side on your website will NOT load until your readers scroll down.

4. Optimizing databases

There are three plugins that we would like to recommend for optimizing your WordPress databases. The first one is WP-Optimize. This plugin, as the name suggests, optimizes your database by reducing the overhead of spams, drafts, tables, etc. Second, you can also consider installing WP-DBManger to help you schedule dates for database optimization.

Last, Revision Control is another great tool that can help you optimize your database. This plugin enables you to set the numbers of revisions you make for each post. WordPress, by default, stores all of your drafts indefinitely. By installing this powerful plugin, your database will be very lightweight compared to other websites without this plugin.

5. Removing unused plugins

The title says it all. If there are plugins that you do not use, simply delete them. Give it a try! Your site will load faster for sure!

6. Optimizing your home page

Your home page is the most important part that requires a quick load speed among all of your other pages because this is where your readers normally enter first. Here are a few tips to optimize your home page

  • – Show excerpts of your posts.
  • – Set fewer number of posts displayed on your home page (we recommend 5 posts)
  • – Set the Social Media Share plugins to only display on the actual post page instead of the home page.

Remember the key: less is MORE!!

7. Enabling hotlink protection

Hotlinking happens when external websites direct a link to the images on your websites making your server load increase. In cPanel, there is a function called “HotLink Protection”. Once you enable the protection, you can eliminate this form of “bandwidth theft”.

8. cPanel “Optimize Website” Feature

Another great feature of cPanel! There is a feature under “Software/Services” in cPanel which is called “Optimize Website”. By enabling this feature, cPanel tweaks the way Apache will handle requests and will compress content before sending it to the visitor’s browsers.

9. Making use of Google PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights, developed by Google, is a tool that analyzes the content of a web page and provides suggestions to make that page load faster. Check out their official page for full details.

10. Good web hosting service company

A good web host can provide not only stable uptime and connection but also professional solutions and support when needed. At Doteasy, our in-house Customer Support agents are resourceful web technicians and experts. We can provide speedy solutions for WordPress and other website builder programs. It’s our goal to keep our customers up-to-date with the latest web hosting trends through our blog, our Scripts Library, and our how-to video tutorials on the YouTube channel.

Lack of time to complete all these tips?

It takes a great amount of time to secure a website and maintain a quick load time. Therefore, we strongly recommend our customers to perform all of the above tips on your own. But, we understand that many of you do not have the time to do these tasks on your website. In this case, we can suggest to you our Managed Hosting plan which is an ideal solution for customers who need some extra help in maintaining their websites. Our Managed Hosting plan includes automated website backup as well as import, export, and optimization of your MySQL databases. To learn more, check out our Managed Hosting service feature page.

Suspicious Domain Renewal from an Unknown Firm

January 8th, 2013

We’re recently received a domain renewal notice for a domain registered with us. This suspicious renewal notice offers recipient 1-year domain renewal for $75 and “Lifetime” domain renewal for $499. The letter is wary due to the fact that the total of the maximum number of years for domain renewal is 10. Here is a snapshot of the letter:

It is our goal to help you prevent your domain name registration from being moved to another company by deception or misinformation. If you receive mail that appears to be an invoice, which is in fact a solicitation for business, you may be the target of a fraudulent or false invoicing scheme.

Which companies are making these solicitations?

There are a number of domain registration companies looking to grow their businesses by stealing business from other companies. While we welcome fair competition in the marketplace, some companies believe the best way to win business is to solicit existing domain name registrants from other companies. Wherever possible, these companies will target registrants and trick them into moving their domain registration business. Some companies recently reported to have been involved in this type of activity are:

Domain Registry of Canada (DROC)
Domain Registry of America (DROA)

Example of false invoices:

What should I do to avoid being tricked by the false invoices?

The best way to combat this is to simply contact us in regards to your domain renewal. Also, you may consider choosing Private Registration and Domain Locking when signing up a domain with us. With Doteasy’s Private Registration, we will replace your domain WHOIS record contact information with alternative contact information that we use specifically for this service. Private Registration can greatly reduce your chances of receiving spam mail and emails. As for Domain Locking, you have total control over the safety of your domain name. You can choose to lock your domain name to prevent unauthorized or accidental transfers, or you can unlock your domain name when you need to move it to another registrar. These two safety features can prevent your website from malicious domain transfers. For more info, please read these pages in regards to Doteasy’s Private Registration and Domain Locking.