Reflection on Current Events

Posted on Sep 3, 2010

A recent incident has put in the spotlight. We will not be providing any comments or official statements regarding the incident here. However, from the news reporting from various media, it seems that many people are not clear on domain registration and hosting services and we would like to clear some misunderstandings.

Misunderstanding #1: Private Domain Registration

In November 2008, we introduced Private Domain registration as an option to keeping your domain registration information private.

With Doteasy Private Domain Registration service, your contact information will be masked with our information.

What this means – When you signup for your domain, you are required to provide us with your personal and contact information. This information is required by the domain Registry to complete your domain registration request. Once a domain is registered, the Registry will add it onto its records database, or Whois records. Anyone can access this Whois database, this includes your domain name, registration records as well as your personal contact information. Thus the increase in phishing scams over the Internet. To protect our clients, we introduced the Private Domain Registration service – a service that allows us to replace your personal contact information with ours.

Whois record of a domain using Private Registration services:

So, if a domain has subscribed to our Private Domain Registration service, all emails and telephone calls made to the listed information will be discarded and the contacter will be asked to use written correspondance to contact the domain registrant.

For more information, please visit our Private Registration Service Usage Disclaimer and Details.

Private Domain Registration is offered as part of the Domain Protection Package and can be ordered via your Member Zone.

Misunderstanding #2 – We will disconnect your web hosting services anytime we receive complaints from a 3rd party.

No, we do not disconnect web hosting services just because we’ve received a complaint from a 3rd party.

While we welcome any inquiries, all inquiries or complaints received will be reviewed and we encourage the filing party to contact the domain registrant and/or administrative contact to resolve the issue before contacting us.

If the filing party has evidentiary belief that the domain or website is in violation of domain registration rules and/or our Service Terms and Conditions, then they can contact us for an investigation. As part of our investigation, we’ll attempt to contact the domain administrative contact for resolution. If the administrative contact is uncooperative, then further actions will be taken and service discontinuation might be considered.

What this means – We are a service provider and our job is to provide web hosting services. Even in the event of payment failure or exceeded disk usage/traffic allowance, we will attempt to contact you and provide solutions and time to rectify the problem. If there should be any conflict or concerns regarding your domain name registration or website, we will assume a neutral position and will encourage you and the filing party to “work things out”.

If you have any further questions about the above issues, or if you have questions on other aspect of our services, you can always contact us via our Contact Us form.