Doteasy Hosted Blog: New Features Launched

Posted on Aug 22, 2008

author: Kathy

If you’ve signed into your Doteasy Hosted Blog in the last couple days you would’ve noticed a few new features.

1. Custom Date and Time

Custom Date and Time

ou can now set a custom date and time for your entries. Previously, all entries posted to the blog is time-stamped with the server’s date and time. Now, with the custom date and time feature, you can easily change the entry post date to accurately reflect your country time zone.

2. Recent Comments

You can now add a “Recent Comments” section to your blog sidebar.

Recent Comments

ncluding recent comment links in your sidebar can encourage conversation, especially when you blog is a social blog. Also, because the blog displays entries in an reversed chronological order (last one first), the “Recent Comments” can help your readers discover other content on your blog.

3. Navigation

You can also add a “Navigation” section to your blog sidebar.


The Navigation section will contain direct links to your blog main page, Today’s entry as well as an Archives page.