Posted on Apr 21, 2008

author: Kathy

We all know that choosing the right domain name is as important as naming your company and products. Most people will agree that a .com is best. But chances are, the .com is already taken. While .net and .biz are popular alternatives, country-code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) are an excellent choice if you need to market your business to a certain geographic region, for example .ca* for Canada and* for the UK.

You can even use a ccTLD for other purposes outside their home countries because of their names. For example, .la is the ccTLD for Laos but many businesses and organizations are now using it to create their own Los Angeles identity. More information on a .LA domain name –

Other similar ccTLDs:

  • .ad – country: Andorra; other uses: advertising agencies
  • .am – country: Armenia; other uses: AM radio stations
  • .dj – country: Djibouti; other uses: disc jockeys
  • .fm – country: Federated States of Micronesia; other uses: FM radio stations
  • .im – country: Isle of Man; other uses: instant messaging programs and services
  • .in – country: India; other uses: internet industry
  • .it – country: Italy; other uses: domain hacks (ie.
  • .md – country: Moldova; other uses: medical industry
  • .mu – country: Mauritius; other uses: music industry
  • .tv* – country: Tuvalu; other uses: tv/entertainment industry
  • .ws – country: Samoa; other uses: website
  • .us* – country: USA; other uses: groups, organizations, couples, etc.

* Doteasy offers domain registration services for these ccTLDs.

Registering a ccTLD doesn’t mean you need to host the domain and website with a service provider in that home country. As long as you have access to your domain records to make DNS changes, you can host your ccTLD with Doteasy!

So, don’t rule out ccTLDs if you are need alternatives for “”.

For more information on ccTLDs: