What’s With Auto Email Forwarding?

Posted on Sep 28, 2007

Setting up different email accounts to automatically forward your emails from to a centralized email account is quite convenient. With this type of setup you would only need to check your emails at one single email address.

Sure sounds great, right? I would have to disagree. There are actually a lot of problems with automatic email forwarding.

Automated email forwarding causes a lot of spam issues. Because auto email forwarding will forward all emails sent to an email address, it will forward all of its spam emails as well. The recipient mail server will think that you are spamming them, when in fact, you are just passing the spam emails around.

This spam problem has caused many innocent email service providers to have their mail servers wrongfully listed as spam servers.

Blockage on auto forwarded emails

Recently, many major email service providers, such as HotmailYahooComcast and Verizon to name a few, have implemented a “kill-all” approach for automatically forwarded emails in an effort to combat spam.

What this means is that they will block all automatically forwarded emails from any mail server that is not within their own network. Emails blocked in this manner will not be delivered and the email server will not produce any bounce back or undeliverable messages. It will be like as if the email just “disappeared”.

There have been reports from many different email service providers experiencing the same issue. So, the problem is not isolated to any one email service provider.

What is the Solution?

The only solution is to not use automated email forwarding. It maybe a bit inconvenient, but at least it guarantees that you receive all the emails that you should.

Here are couple work arounds that you can consider.

1. If you are using an email alias feature, you can consider removing the alias and setup an actual email account instead. This way, instead of having to forward the emails, you can access emails directly from the mail server. This eliminates the need for email forwarding.

2. If you are using an auto email forwarding feature on your email account, you can consider using a POP email client to access your emails. This is the highly-recommended solution, especially if you have already set up your POPmail client to access your other email accounts.