Super Buddy Is Back

Posted on Sep 24, 2007

As most of you may already know, the limited time Super Buddy program is back.

For those of you who don’t know what it is, you can visit our web site for more information. Basically, it’s the same as our regular 100 MB Buddy Program, but the reward is a 1 GB web storage upgrade instead of the regular 100 MB web storage upgrade.

This is of course a great thing to have since it can potentially boost your storage space for a $0 hosting package from 100 MB to 1100 MB.

How do I get the Super Buddy upgrade?

Getting the Super Buddy upgrade is easy. If a new sign-up lists your domain name as the Super Buddy referrer on the application form, then both you and your referral will receive the upgrade.

But remember, the upgrade may only be provisioned to each account once. So if you intend on referring multiple people, it’s best if you get your referrals to list different domain names that you own to optimize the benefits.

What if my referral forgot to list my domain for the Super Buddy Porgram?

If it is still within 7 days of sign-up, your referral can back-date their participation in the Super Buddy Program by visiting this URL.